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Stunning Bessarabian kilim, older than most, 3'1"x8'3"
price:  on request
Northwest/ Kurd/ Heriz c. 1900-- 4 x 6.10-- If this were on cotton rather than wool foundation i might call it ... read more
price:  $850
best condition shirvan rug - narrow 3 x 8 ft size- full pile with no condition issues needs a good wash to ... read more
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Antique West Anatolian Rug
price:  por
Tutorial part 6 – Structures and designs in Aymara coca bags Aymara weavings are with a very few exceptions four selvedged, warp faced ... read more
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Antique Qashqaii Bird Rug
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Antique Shahsavan Rug
price:  por
Seichur circa 1900 Measurements 322 x 122cm. Low pile with a corroded brown
price:  POR
Antique Shirvan 'Bidjov' carpet in a dark blue ground, late 19th century. Size: 150x295cm (4'11"x9'8"). Very good condition, good pile, well preserved.
price:  POR
Pair qashqai bag faces, all color natural dyes 52 x 50 cm each faces
price:  P.o.r
Lovely and unusual antique Kuba(?)Caucasian small poshti (?) rug, 95x62 cm.,ca. 1900, with multiple kufic border elements used as field design. Woven ... read more
price:  por
Pitamber Plain Weave Pooja Dhoni Double Pallu (Pallov)with Turmeric Yellow in the middle, ,It’s an Silk and zari weave Dhoti. This ... read more
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Yamoud 1.10x3.4
price:  $700
19th Century Baluch prayer rug. It has a border common to Timuri rugs. These are the most stylized hands I've seen on ... read more
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Antique Baluch bag, maybe a chanteh. Sweet little piece that's complete with really soft wool. 15.5" x 16" or 40x41cm. Chers.
price:  $200, domestic shipping included
Mudjur (Mucur) or possibly Konya prayer rug. Big knots, lots of colors, all vegetal dyes with no sulfonic. 3 shades of aubergine ... read more
price:  POR
Silk khordjin, Shahsavan, 19th c
Turkmen Igsalik- It is in original condition. all good colors Size : 19" x 9" -- 48 cm x 23 cm
price:  OR
Turkmen Ersary Long Torba. All good colors.. Size: 70" x 18" -- 178 cm x 46 cm
price:  OR
Antique Shahsavan Rug Size:250x107 cm
price:  Por
Antique Manastır Tulu Rug
price:  por
Antique Veramin Rug
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Karabagh long rug: 8’7” x 4’3” in excellent condition, color and bold design. Clean and ready for use.
price:  $1900 obo
Not only that it is rare to find a piled mafrash panel, but in a well known design, which as a soumac ... read more
a Brilliant Antique Uzbek Adras Ikat Wall Hanging from Bokhara / Bukhara region. It is a 19th Cent. silk warp/cotton weft panel. ... read more
price:  Reasonable
Antique Bidjar jajim from 19th century. Vegetable dyes size:140*150 cm wool/wool
price:  On request
Ming Silk Imperial Dragons Fragment - China/Tibet, Ming dynasty, 50x70 cm
price:  1000 €
Tibetan Khagangma Meditation Rug - Tibet, 19th c, blue field with medallion and "frog foot" motif. 70x54 cm
price:  Por
Rare and very fine Amistar circa 1900, wool top quality, a low pile but acceptable, a small tear(4 cm ), see photo, ... read more
Afshar-- c. 1920-- 4.8 x 6.7-- Squarish w/ uncluttered geometric tribal design. The pink accents resemble white tuft. This is not the ... read more
price:  $645
South Caucasian 19th cent-- 4.7 x 7.10-- Structure identical to Kazak. Possibly older toward mid 19th cent. Whatever you call it, ... read more
price:  HOLD
Bahktiari-- c. 1920-- 4.9 x 7.2-- Figures resemble Caucasian Akstafa birds and might derived thereof. But definitely a Bahktieri interpretation with ... read more
price:  $645
Heriz Runner-- c. 1920-- 3.3 x 14.6-- Heavy and densely knotted piece. Beautiful lively Northwest colors. Very clean and pristine. Please ... read more
price:  HOLD
Bidjar c. 1900-- approx 6 x 9-- Wool foundation. Rare White field w/ beautiful blues and abrashes. Amazingly decorative old thing and ... read more
price:  sold
Attractive Heriz circa 1910/20 in good condition 9'9" x 12'10" / 298 x 390cm
price:  please enquire
19th Century Ersari torba from the Amu Darya region. 1'3" x 4'3" or 38 x 130cm. This has the dyrnak gul which ... read more
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