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Men and Beasts - Andean portraits in fiber and clay. See my pages for other striking images found on textiles and objects ... read more
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Heriz Serapi. Ebay auction https:// link check the other antique carpets I'm selling on Ebay this week. Thanks! Good age and good ... read more
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An early, spectacular Silk Kerman. An almost surrealist piece of art. Early 19th century or earlier. All original. 6'2" x 4'2".
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Superb, full pile nw Persian bagface with fabulous color and exceptional wool. Sold to a collector many years ago and now back ... read more
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Large Soumack, Caucasion, rare size, dated 1903 and signed/dedicated in the right top corner. Size 500 x 320 Cm. 16.6 feet x 10.6 ... read more
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Indian trade textiles 006 - Gujarat India, traded to Sulawesi - Indonesia, ceremonial cloth and sacred heirloom, 18th century, cotton natural dyes, ... read more
Lecture (in L.a.): "The Dark Side of the Textile Trade: From the Silk Road to Today," with Prof. Louise Shelley, University Professor ... read more
Antique Beijing Fragment with charming Fo-dog. 146x89cm
price:  € 780
Small format Bergama area Turkish rug with an intriguing design related to both sumaks and some yastiks. Squarish shape and nicely drawn ... read more
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Belutch Persian, circa 1895. Antique, collectors item, Size: 127 x 90 (cm) 4' 2" x 2' 11" carpet id: eb-3 vegetable dyes, ... read more
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Pictorial Belutch Persian, circa 1911, antique. Collector's item. Size: 208 x 117 (cm) 6' 10" x 3' 10" carpet id: e-101 Vegetable ... read more
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Karadja Persian circa 1905. Antique, collectors item,Size: 198 x 148 (cm) 6' 6" x 4' 10" carpet id: br-2 vegetable dyes, ... read more
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Antique persian rug Heriz circa 1900 Size is 333x252 cm 13.1/9.9cm The back side in the part of borders there has been some month damage. ... read more
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#7517 Kurd Kazak This 19th century Kurd Kazak measures 4’4” x 6’8” (134 x 207 cm). This rug is a real stunner. The ... read more
#7512 Peking Chinese antique Rug for sale in Sarasota Fl by carpet dealer Mosby Antique Oriental Rugs. We ship Worldwide! This Peking Chinese ... read more
Antique Syrian Halep Kilim Fragment Size.198x92cm
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Moghan Caucasian, circa 1908, antique. Collector's item,Size: 48 x 42 (cm) 1' 7" x 1' 5" carpet id: sa-1116 woven with reverse ... read more
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Caucasian Rug Fragments 155 x 120 cm / 5'1''x 3'11''
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Belutch Persian circa 1935. Collector's item. Size: 117 x 64 (cm) 3' 10" x 2' 1" carpet id: t-617 The knots are ... read more
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Belutch Persian, circa 1905, antique, collector's item, Size: 136 x 83 (cm) 4' 6" x 2' 9" carpet id: k-4090 vegetable dyes, ... read more
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Belutch prayer Persian, circa 1880, antique. Collector's item, Size: 102 x 87 (cm) 3' 4" x 2' 10" carpet id: k-1112 ... read more
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Antique Konaya Obruk kİlİm Fragment
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Antique Anatolian kİlİm
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Thick Heavy Navaho w Obvious issues 3'10" x 5'2"
price:  $200
Oushak Carpet 12.6 x 13.9 3.84 x 4.23 This almost square west Anatolian antique carpet is done in the 18 th century “Smyrna” style with ... read more
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Color kilim wonder fragment. Cm 60x115 ca. 1860sh. South East Anatolia, could be Malatya area. If you succeed to bypass the condition ... read more
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#1b323 Handmade antique collectible Caucasian Kazak bag face 1.4' x 1.7' ( 42cm x 51cm ) 1880.c
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Fine supple old Baluch prayer with saturated organic dyes, glowing Blue Botehlets in the Niche, extensive corrosion relief to good effect (my ... read more
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Antique Mogan rug
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Antique Soughteast kİlİm
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Old Sahsavan rug Mafrash
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Quilt Embroidered and Printed Patch work,From Dwaraka Region of Saurashtra Gujarat. India.very fine quilted and Patch work.Rare kind of Piece.Its size is
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Original Nomad Qasqhay Bag Complete Size: 57x107cm Natural colors, super wool quality, made in period 1910/20
price:  €225
Afshar bagface. Full pile, silky wool. Size: 16" x 11" - 40 cm x 29 cm.
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Indigo Sainchi Phulkari From East(Punjab)India.C.1900.Rare Design.Proper Shahkot Moga District of Punjab India.Extremely Fine Phulkari.(DSL02520).
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