Italian collector on oriental carpets since 1988 (Persian - Anatolian - Balouch old and antique )- from COMO

  • 331 x 173 cm Tappeto antico / antique carpet KHOTAN Design panel- This piece is in perfect condition. For more info or picutres don't ... read more
    price:  SOLD*venduto!

  • Antico SARUK=antique sarough in very good condition. Washed and ready for the domestic use. Full pile, any problem for this one. Big ... read more
    price:  Holland/SOLD! TY!

  • 258x160 cm Antique kazakh >(Maybe a Borchalu).Very, very good condition. Washed and ready for domestic use. Wool on wool and natural dyes. More info ... read more
    price:  Venduto a Milano

  • a pair of Ardabil persian Azeri carpets. In good condition. Full pile only damages upon the ends. These 2 rugs at present, have not ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Perfect condition for this piece knotted in Afghanistan Tribe Turkmen Arabatchi, group ERSARI. With a main border design "Boats", very beautiful. Gols tekke for ... read more
    price:  SOLD in Milan TY

  • farahan carpet in good condition, with original design. Fine knot and shiny dyes. Old piece in very good condition ALL original size, ends and ... read more
    price:  SOLD / THANKS.reasonable

  • cm. 270 x 150 khotan with an original design. A central panel with a design of a Samurai. Border vase design. This is an ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Size m. 3,57 x 2,61 antique Karadjeh Azeri persian carpet IN very, very good condition. Full pile without damages, restors or repils, and original ... read more
    price:  SOLD TY!

  • Oriental carpet Lory ancien with size cm. 221 x 131 cm Good condition. Some old repairs. Original piece from region of fars. All wool ... read more
    price:  Please, ask!

  • caucasus carpet knotted in the region of KARABAGH. Perfect the condition of this wonderfull antique carpet. Size is 355 x 160 cm. (ft.11.64 x ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • a Pair of old Bashir Turkkmen Afghan carpets. Very, very good condition. Full pile, foundations all wool for this pair. Size 108 x 80 + ... read more
    price:  300 e.

  • 41x44 + 44x42 cm. a pair of Belouch khordjin Full pile and beautiful natural colors. *********************************************** Vendute ____ sold / grazie !
    price:  SOLD/Venduti

  • 263x170 cm Tabriz Khoy antique. Good condition - One hole in the middle, look the photos. Beautiful color and original design. Best regards from COMO-LAKE! VENDUTO====SOLD=====grazie!
    price:  SOLD=venduto

  • 213 x 133 cm Borchalou in very good condition Fine knot and beautiful dyes for this Full pile for this one. More info and ... read more
    price:  SOLD/venduto=

  • Antique Isfahan botteh (Maybe a Teheran) fair condition. 193 x 137 are the measurements. All original, this carpet has not been restored. More info ... read more
    price:  SOLD / Grazie !

  • Oriental antique persian carpet size cm. 198 x 140 cm. Original antique tebris in good condition. Very original color and design. More photos on request. Warm ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Old Azeri Gheoravan size m.3.66 x 2.57. Tappeto vecchio Heris azeri in buono stato. In very good condition, washed and ready for use. Very ... read more
    price:  SOLD*******TY

  • 387 x 125 cm Antique Karabagh Caucasus runner. In very-very good condition, full pile and not problems for this carpet. More pictures on ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • 575 x 110 cm Original ancien karabagh Caucasus in perfect condition. All wool. Fastened colors and shiny wool for this antique runner. Original ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Antique Feraghan in very, very good condition. Without problem upon fiel or foundations. Maybe a Tafresh ancien carpet. Size is cm. 203 x 124 ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Heris Azeri in very good condition. Full pile, without restors, oder areas of damages. Size is 366 x 281 cm. Vegetable dyes. More info and ... read more
    price:  T.Y. SOLD !

  • Antique lory in good condition, not full pile but all original sizes and ends, no holes or restors. Maybe a nomadic KHAMSEH-Fars. Wool on wool ... read more
    price:  SOLD=Venduto!ask!

  • Ancien Kerman Ravar signed upon the end. Full pile, without problems. Fine knot, size is 14,30 ft by 9,82 ft. Amazing Kerman millefleures ... read more
    price:  ask please!

  • Tabris ancien 385x285 cm in good condition. Original garden design. Has been signed upon one end. Great color for this persian carpet. More info and ... read more
    price:  On request !

  • saddle double bag ancien. Knotted in Turkey, maybe a Melas. In very good condition. all complete. Size 133 x 51 cm. For more ... read more
    price:  TY ! SOLD !

  • happy new year with this antique Bijar full pile and with all vegetable dyes. Size 161 x 103 CM. Fine knot and shiny-brilliant ... read more
    price:  ask please!

  • happy new year 2020 ! Best wishes to you people of rr-site! ancien East Turkestan-Xinjiang carpet knotted in the oasi of khotan. ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Kordi antique carpet in very good condition. Archaic design for this carpet. Thanks in advance for your queries. GREETINGS from como ! best wishes for ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Karabagh in good condition. Original design for this piece. Measures are: cm. 175 x 125 cm. Don't hesitate to ask me more ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Antique village of Lamba, region of Caucasus KARABAGH. Size il cm. 482 x 133 cm. Good condition for this pieces. Original size and a ... read more
    price:  ask please!

  • Oasi of kashgar xinjiang region of East-Turkestan. In perfect condition with size m. 3,85 x 2,02. Original soft colors for this Samarkand ancien. Shiny and ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Tappeto antico kazakh Borchalu caucasus. The size is 273 x 174 cm. Very good condition. Full pile and fastened colors, washed. Collector piece. Wool ... read more
    price:  VENDUTO, grazie!

  • Palace Ravar-Kerman in very, very good condition. Full pile, original sizes, selvedges and ends. Millefleures design with a big medaillon. Carpet has been washed and ... read more
    price:  GRAZIE! Venduto! !

  • ancien kashan Manchester wool in perfect condition: full pile, no repils, restors or damages for this piece. Palace size: m. 4,22 x 3,26. = ... read more
    price:  VENDUTO ! SOLD !lease !

  • khamseh birds in good condition, all wool. Size is 130 x 91 cm. The 2 ends have been reduced. Good pile. Washed and ready for ... read more
    price:  VENDUTO=sold !

  • serabend runner antique in very good condition. Full pile and original size of 400x100 cm. Design botteh mir and camel hair, with natural dyes for ... read more
    price:  On request !

  • Very good condition for this Xinjiang carpet, knotted in the oasi of khotan; size cm. 277 x 137 cm. Design with original turkmen gols. Info ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Ancien khotan-uighur in very good condition, original size, full pile without restors. Design the king of the birds. Great wool and wonderfull color has this ... read more
    price:  SOLD*venduto!

  • East Turkestan-Xinjiang Oasi of YARKAND Pomegranades vases design for this antique Samarkand. In good condition with very shiny wool. Great color for this beautiful oriental ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Antique Persian tebris in good condition . Original design and color for this carpet. 385 x 285 cm. is the size. More info and pictures ... read more
    price:  ask please!

  • Orietal carpet knotted in the Oasi of khotan, in the EAST turkestan. In good condition. More photos on your request. Great size: m. 4.24 ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • khotan uighur in perfect condition. Size 249 x 140 cm. La favola degli uccelli che si scelgono il re. ****************************************** Warm regards from COMO-LAKE! Maurice
    price:  ASK thanks!

  • Antique Karabagh in perfect condition with size 373 x 150 cm. Fine knot and original design for this long-rug from Caucasus. All original piece ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • 162 x 101 cm Antique kirshir prayer rug in very good condition All wool and natural dyes for this Anatolin carpet. The piece is ... read more
    price:  ask please !

  • Oriental carpet antique Saruk Feraghan in good condition Size cm. 205 x 135 Antique original piece. More info on request. ALL the best from como ... read more
    price:  SOLD ! Merçi !

  • Daghestan dated in very good condition with lovely white field and mehrab design. Size 140x101 cm. Egira date is 1320 moon calendar; soon calendar(Pape ... read more
    price:  Venduto / SOLD

  • Antique Oasi of yarkand in very good condition. Size m.4.25 x 2.10. Original gol turkmen tekke for this xinjiang East Turkestan palace carpet. WARM regards ... read more
    price:  on request !

  • Antique extra fine knot carpet knotted in the Persian district of seraband. All original piece in very good condition. Shiny wool. Other info or ... read more
    price:  on request !