I'm a private collector in Massachusetts. My collection is eclectic, but tends to focus on mafrash, Kurd (particularly Jaff), Baluch, and Yomud. Given that I have a couple of fur balls (pictured), I'm generally interested in items that can be hung from the ceiling or walls, rather than expensive items for the floor. At the moment, I'm selling off items from earlier in my collecting career, as I'm looking to upgrade my collection and my tastes have shifted. Therefore, I'm certainly interested in rug trades to accomplish this; contact me if you're interested.

  • Qashqai bagface. First quarter 20th century. Small areas of wear. Very fine weave. Email for additional photos or ... read more
    price:  $400

  • Luri rug. Circa 1900. Very well saturated natural dyes. Interesting abstract/impressionistic scene of a fall/winter scene. Some loss ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Baluch rug, late 19th century. 6' x 3'8''. Structurally interesting with symmetrical knotting, and mix of red and brown ... read more
    price:  $650

  • Baluch balisht, first quarter 20th century. Great colors and soft wools. Very good condition, with full pile throughout. Ends ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Yomud juval, circa 1900. Very good condition: edges are intact, a few small repairs in main field. Sparse elem ... read more
    price:  $275

  • Caucasian soumac complete double bag. Late 19th century. Very good condition, but selvedges need some attention. Closure loops are there and flatweave ... read more
    price:  $900