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  • Antique camel ground Baluch prayer rug. New England house found, and very much in need of a good wash. Classic tree of ... read more

  • Antique original pair of interesting bagfaces, probably northwest Persian Kurdish. Unusual fields and eye catching skirt panels. Overall good even low pile. ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Antique large ersari ikat inspired chuval with interesting design and good age but very rough condition. As found, dirty with heavy wear ... read more
    price:  $195 or bo

  • Antique east Anatolian Kurdish rug with interesting design and good natural colors but very rough condition. Particularly eye catching very colorful border. ... read more

  • Antique rug fragment, possibly northwest Persian, with an interesting design featuring all over cloud band type motifs. Good natural colors. Good age, ... read more

  • Antique good sized ersari torba or trapping with ikat inspired design. Fair condition with some wear as shown. All natural colors including ... read more

  • Antique large and colorful rug, probably northwest Persian, with an attractive unusual design. Overall good thick pile. Wide range of natural colors ... read more

  • Antique large jaf Kurd diamond bagface in good condition with a large range of all natural colors and a noteworthy uncommon ... read more

  • Antique Baluch prayer rug. Uncommon and interesting doktar i ghazi design. Overall fair condition for an older example. All good natural colors ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique small prayer rug with an unusual design. Presumably Caucasian Kazak but not like any i have had. Quite an eye catching ... read more

  • Antique east Anatolian Kurdish rug. Classic design with good saturated natural colors and overall thick high pile. Attractive and wonky example of ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique little Baluch bagface with an array of unusual floral motifs on a rich blue ground. Good overall pile. All natural colors ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Early east Caucasian rug. Interesting karagashli variant. In rough condition with wear, oxidized browns, holes and edge loss. All natural colors featuring ... read more

  • Antique large bagface, probably northwest Persian Kurdish, with an unusual star filled lattice. i like the “clover” border. Overall fair condition with ... read more

  • Old Chinese rug with an unusual and spacious field and border design. i have never had or seen this interesting design. No ... read more

  • Ghostly early Baluch bird bag. Ineffable beauty. As an old colleague used to say, “this could be art”. Mid 19th c.? ... read more

  • Antique Anatolian prayer rug, ladik or a village variant, in rough but intact condition. All natural colors. Characteristic ladik field with an ... read more

  • Antique Baluch rug with an interesting striped or cane design. I’ve had a number of striped Baluch rugs but none with this ... read more

  • Antique small Baluch rug with a lattice or tile design field and a nearly completely oxidized ground. Good old natural colors. Overall ... read more
    price:  $295 or bo

  • Antique small Baluch rug with classic lattice or tile design field and a lovely archaic floral meander border. Good weave and wool ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique large jaf Kurd diamond bagface with interesting design features. Of note is the overall large scale field pattern and the relatively ... read more
    price:  $295

  • Antique northwest Persian Kurdish rug with a well known but uncommon older design. Pile varies from decent medium to very low with ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Antique Turkish village prayer rug. Early weaving ravaged by wolves. Priced accordingly. Mid 19th c. Or earlier. 3’2” x 4’3”

  • Antique little yellow ground Caucasian kuba rug with an archaic overall lattice design. Pile varies from decent low to very low in ... read more

  • Antique little pile bagface with color and design of an east Anatolian Kurdish weaving but in an uncommon small squarish format. Mostly ... read more

  • Holy cow! Old tiny hooked rug with a cow. No idea age or anything much about it other than i like it. ... read more
    price:  $195 or bo

  • Antique yellow ground shirvan marasali prayer rug. Iconic little “birds” in the mihrab. Delicate lattice drawing with good variety of inset motifs. ... read more

  • Antique Kurdish pile divan cover with a bold memling gul design field and an unusually graphic border. Overall good thick high pile ... read more
    price:  On request

  • Antique little tribal prayer rug, probably monastir, with eye catching archaic drawing. Rough condition with an assortment of tears, holes, gouges and ... read more
    price:  $495 or bo

  • Antique little flat woven soumak(?) textile object. Interesting older tribal weaving, i assume a fragment of some larger piece. i see that ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Early large Baluch bagface with rich color and beautiful soft lustrous wool. Complex diamond lattice field with a delicate meander border. Overall ... read more

  • Antique Caucasian Kazak rug with interesting design features and a very unusual narrow size. The weaver altered an otherwise typical diagonal striped ... read more

  • Early northwest Persian rug, possibly Kurd bidjar, very rough, with a most unusual field design. i don’t think i have ever seen ... read more

  • Older little tekke rug with good quality and soft lustrous wool. Nice rounded main guls and attractive minors. Overall mostly fair low ... read more
    price:  $395

  • Antique bagface, possibly an uncommon Caucasian Kazak example. Interesting latch bold hooked design similar to what one might find on a Kazak ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique small Baluch rug with a version of this spacious “tree in a vase” design. The unusual aspect of this rug is ... read more

  • Antique Baluch camel ground prayer rug with spacious drawing and unusually saturated colors. As good an ember red as i have seen. ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Early grand weaving, presumably Chinese, possibly kangxi, intact but thin with very low pile. Truly majestic wall piece with spacious archaic field ... read more

  • Antique Persian rug, likely bahktiari, in very good condition with an attractive design and lovely old colors. Overall good medium length ... read more

  • Antique example of an eastern Caucasian type with overall lattice design. Generally referred to as kuba rugs, with depressed weave, this one ... read more

  • Antique Caucasian Kazak prayer rug with several very interesting features. Unusual eye catching ivory main border and an even more unusual minor ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique Caucasian shirvan rug with a somewhat uncommon field paired with a nicely drawn Kufic border. Overall even very low pile with ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Little bag, possibly original or possibly made from an old turkman textile. Textile looks to have all good natural colors, later edge ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Small authentic verdure tapestry fragment, in very rough condition, likely 18th c. or earlier. As found, small holes, tears and rough edges ... read more
    price:  sold

  • Antique Persian or Kurdish jajim fragment mounted on linen or cotton backing. Fine weave and beautiful natural colors. Great supple handle. 19th ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique little fragment of an older caucasian rug with beautiful old colors. Delicate drawing and deep brown oxidation. Lovely old purples, greens ... read more
    price:  Spring cleaning $95

  • Antique Baluch weaving, either an unusually large bagface or an uncommon small mat. Spacious early drawing of classic Mina Hani design with ... read more
    price:  Sold

  • Antique jaf Kurd diamond bagface with an uncommon dotted lattice. Overall low pile with some wear exposing foundation. Original selvages. Good range ... read more
    price:  $195