• Persian Kamoo Sofre / Sofreh Kilim with unusually design. Dyed by naturel colors. 101x102cm Please contact me directly: goekay.sargin@yahoo.de
    price:  250 Euro

  • Antique fine us Sarough / Saruk with naturel dyes. quality Wool on Cotton 77x56cm high pile ~ 1910 Mail: goekay.sargin@yahoo.de
    price:  200 Euro

  • Antique persian us Sarough Mohadjeran ~ 1900 / 75x155cm, naturel Dyes Shipping from Germany worldwide possible Mail: goekay.sargin@yahoo.de
    price:  250 Euro

  • Beautiful rare Lori Bakhtiary Sumakh saddle bag with tassels and turquoise ceramic beads. Lower ends are knotted (typical for Lori Bakhtiary bags). ... read more
    price:  230 Euro

  • Antique Yagcibedir/ Yuncu Chuval from 1900 Exported 1917 to Germany 110x70cm shipping from Germany Mail: goekay.sargin@yahoo.de
    price:  200 Euro

  • Antique Balikesir emnroided Kilim Chuval, probably from Kilaz Area/Tribe, ~1900 112x60cm shipping from Germany Mail: goekay.sargin@yahoo.de
    price:  150 Euro

  • Great Chuval bag with embroidery (partly metal threads) from Southeastern Anatolia / Turkey, peobably Reyhanli. Nomads used these chuvals to store ... read more
    price:  300 Euro

  • Antique Azeri Verneh Shaddah (Shahsavan?) embroided Kilim Saddlebag with naturel dyes, good condition, probably from Karabach area ~ 1900/1920 124x53cm Mail: goekay.sargin@yahoo.de
    price:  330 Euro

  • Antique early kurdish Rashwan Kilim from east anatolia, ~ 1800/1850 90x290cm
    price:  please ask

  • Antique east anatolian fine Kilim, with metal threads wowen places, naturel dyes best condition 170x330cm
    price:  1400 Euro

  • Rare antique turkish Aleppo Reyhanli Kilim ~ 1800/1850 170x365cm all naturel dyes, embroided with cotton wool on wool
    price:  1600 Euro