Alexander Bakker

I'm a collector with a wide ranging taste. After enjoying the rugs, some for years, some for months, some for weeks, I sell them on. In daily life I am the owner of an import business, trading in artisanal foods from Japan. This means I will arrange shipping at competitive rates. If you have any questions, please contact me at

  • Pillow cover with Seichur motif. 1920's Amsterdamse School, Dutch Art Deco design. Possibly by Theo Colebrander. Unusual for that time: natural colors ... read more
    price:  € 120, please contact me by direct email

  • The shiniest wool you've ever seen on a Jaf. There is some goats hair in the ply. Good aubergine, best red and ... read more
    price:  € 160, please contact me by direct email

  • Qasqai chanteh with leather trim - most unusual. Softest wool, vibrant colors. Wool on cotton, gabbeh style. Fuchsine in the kilim bridge. ... read more
    price:  € 180, please contact by direct email

  • Rare double boteh pattern on a Kuhi afshar bagface. Good aubergine, apricot and green. Glorious piece. Meaty pile, best wool. Rippon Boswell ... read more
    price:  € 200, please contact by direct email

  • Peacock border on a Qashqai small rug, personal sitting rug? Gabbeh style drawing, scattered totemic motifs. Thick pile, soft wool, excellent colors. ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Finest Lakai embroidery, felt belt, size 48 x 3.5 inch (122 x 9 cm). This was bought by my grandmother in The ... read more
    price:  € 170, please contact by direct email

  • Large Turkmen Shemle gul jollar (Saryk?). Gorgeous colors, full pile, nip at the left hand corner. 19th century, my feeling is last ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Fine Jaf with Bidjar weave. Best colors, including deep indigo, apricot, purple and green. Excellent condition. Size 26.4 x 25.2 inch (67 ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Rare Uzbek chuval bagface. Best colors and condition, original selvedges, goat hair weft. Size 40.2 x 23.2 inch (102 x 59 ... read more
    price:  € 300, please contact me by direct email.

  • Luri bagface with exceptional colors and rare border. Goat hair warps. Glossy wool, spacious placing of the filler motifs. Size 22.8 x ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Nice Jaf with silky silky silky wool. Unusual palette, including petrol blue. Kelardasht Kurdish exclave in ne Persia? Size 22.5 x 18.9 ... read more
    price:  € 140, please contact me by direct email

  • Moghan (Shahsavan) sofreh with natural camel wool elems. Excellent age and deeply patinated colors. Impressive. 58.7 x 45.7 inch (149 x 116 ... read more
    price:  Please contact me by direct email

  • Baluch with an exciting abrash. 71.6 x 41.3 inch (182 x 105 cm). Corrosion, overal good pile. Excellent colors, good design. Nice ... read more
    price:  Please contact me by direct email

  • Excellent Mishan Malayer area rug 58,3 x 39,8 (148 x 101 cm). Deep natural colors, beautiful contrasts and exceptional green. Fat glossy ... read more
    price:  € 500

  • Obruk kilim, 1st half 19th century (older than most). Excellent proportions, yuncu-like drawing. Gorgeous apricot and purple, lazy lines. Top reduced, all ... read more
    price:  € 400

  • Ancient Shahsavan embroidered kilim. Rare piece, for reference see Tanavoli. Natural brown wool embroidered with large sprawled hooked pattern, reminiscent of Kazak ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Genje Kazak with nice age (mid 19th century), fat wool and supple weave. Tribal product, no workshop stiffness in this one. Excellent ... read more
    price:  € 950, please contact me by direct email

  • Luri double khorjin, pile weave with sumakh and kilim. Excellent colors, deep yellow, best wool and full pile. Seams undone; the bridge ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Sweet and playful Jaf chanteh (small bag), unusual small size. Nice tight and seldom seen border set. Deeply patinated, saturated colors. One ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • First half 19th century Kirsehir yastik. Oblong orientation of the design, as a cushion front, not a wall hanging. Refined and irregular ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Unusual tribal Ersari main rug with Mina Khani pattern. This pattern is usually reserved for chuvals, including some extremely large ones (if ... read more
    price:  $ 350

  • Ersari torba with interesting design (not frequently encountered but published, see Rippon Boswell online archive for reference). Good age, outer gol largely ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Sweet Baluch chanteh, fully preserved. Nice mina khani design and abrash of grey natural (un-dyed) wool. Beautiful colors and wool. Back cotton. ... read more
    price:  $ 120

  • Malatya kilim, nice and old, first half 19th century. Excellent colors, many interesting details in the free flowing drawing. White is cotton. ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Glorious Jaf with unusual wide pattern. Best colors and wool. Original closure system intact and back preserved. One you keep looking at. ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Igdyr chuval (pers. comm. Elena Tsareva) with unusual elem. Tight drawing, glorious wool and high original pile. Feels like a furry animal! ... read more
    price:  € 380, please contact me by direct email

  • Rare Heriz vagireh, size 53.5 x 34. 2 inch (136 x 87 cm). Glowing colors, fat wool, mint condition, only the lower ... read more
    price:  Please inquire

  • Elegant Isfahan area rug, seems to have always been on a table given the original pile height. Size 59 x 42.5 inch ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Older than most Anatolian Yahyali. Good colors and spacious design, very nice natural white, supple and finely knotted. As found, will benefit ... read more
    price:  Your best offer

  • Afshar masnad in classical Kirman pattern with unsurpassed cypres border. Best colors and softest wool. Professionally hand washed. 2nd half 19th century, ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Khamseh bird rug with unusual peacock motif and gorgeous light blue. Overall good condition. Beautiful colors and drawing. Professionally hand washed. 19th ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Unusual Tibetan (Mongolian?) seat cover with Stupa-motif. Wool on wool, natural colors, very thin weft. Slightly tapering left side. Perfect original condition. ... read more
    price:  € 60 plus shipping

  • Yomut chuval with unusual interior main gol. Deeply saturated natural colors. Good condition. Very nice wool quality. Back fully attached and preserved. ... read more
    price:  $ 375

  • Ancient nw Persian bagface. Wool on homespun cotton. Oblong size and subject (boteh in tulip shaped 'case') would suggest Afshar, as does ... read more
    price:  Please inquire

  • Shahsavan rug deep from the 19th century. Flax like weft. Gorgeous border and drawing. Best colors and wool (no exaggeration). Pre-commercial tribal ... read more
    price:  SOLD, thank you

  • Moroccan vanity bag, chanteh, 9 x 10.2 inch (23 x 26 cm). Wool and cotton (white). Very nice details and delicate handiwork. ... read more
    price:  € 125

  • Luri sumakh khorjin with nice brocaded back. Very good drawing. As found, excellent condition, would enjoy a wash. Size 37.4 x 19.3 ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Excellent Hamadan with rare border. Outstanding proportions and color. Light brown is natural camel wool. Beautiful condition. Kilim ends need securing. Size ... read more
    price:  Please inquire

  • Shahsavan sumac mafrash full panel. Size 37.8 x 39.8 inch (96 x 101 cm). Good condition. Nice pink.
    price:  $ 450

  • Very old Khamseh khorjin with silk highlights. Nice closure system, seams undone, complete back. Archaic drawing and thinnest wefts. Signs of wear ... read more
    price:  Please inquire

  • Sweet Kirman all silk mat, possibly started out as a chanteh given the wear on the lower side, suggesting it has been ... read more
    price:  $ 150

  • Bakhtiari shushtar kilim (sofreh), second half 19th century. Natural camel wool, threadlike warps. These kilims were ceremonial items; Tanavoli suggests they were ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Tribal Qashqai kelleh from around 1900. Excellent condition, full pile, deeply saturated colors including very nice warm apricot. a vibrant South Persian ... read more
    price:  Please inquire

  • Anatolian fragment with headless human figure and seven camels. 19th century, Konya? Deeply saturated colors, soft wool. Cut but not shut. Bare ... read more
    price:  $ 580

  • Baluch complete half khorjin. Very good colors, front good condition, some wear upper third, kilim back distressed. Original closure system. Nice filler ... read more
    price:  $ 175

  • Heriz in very good condition with rare medallion and colors (eg. duck-egg blue). High pile, glossy wool. Small area of wear, some ... read more
    price:  Sold, thank you

  • Large and fat Saryk chuval. Crisp drawing, very good condition, tightly woven, cracked along one warp for about an inch. Size 60.6 ... read more
    price:  N/A

  • Early Anatolian striped kilim fragment. Best colors, some dirt and wear. Nice embroidery. Would do well mounted. Size 36.6 x 23.6 (93 ... read more
    price:  Please inquire