Vintage African indigo cloth, hand woven cotton, Mossi People, Burkina Faso, this is not mud cloth, the cotton fiber is dyed first, ... read more
price:  $55.00US
Swedish embroidery wool on wool, size: 77*52cm, Tree of Life design, wall hangings.
price:  €210 + shipping
Antıque Central Asian Textıle Suzani size: 215x155 cm.
price:  Ask Please
25x25 cm early Ming silk brocade fragment, complex lattice pattern; a very similar fragment is in the Bill Liske's collection
price:  Por
Uzbekistan Lakai Silk Embroidery Wall Hanging Decorative with Silk Tassels.Size - ''70 cm x 70 cm'' Without Tassels - Tassels : 15
price:  O.R
An extraordinary Hungarian silk embroidered cover, 19th century. Fine lacework finish on the edges. The field is embroidered in fine metallic ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Uzbekistan Lakai Silk Embroidered Wall Hanging Decorative & Aina Khalta with Silk Tassels. Size - ''29 cm x 45 cm'' - ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Antique Uzbekistan Tribal Silk Embroidered Tent Band & Wall Hanging Decorative. Size - ''6.70 cm x 5 cm'' Without Tassels - Tassels ... read more
price:  O.R
Diminutive prayer textile. Silk and metal embroidery with Ikat back. Superbly executed and delicate piece of work. Probably a late Safavid piece. ... read more
price:  por
4'7'' x 5'2'' / 140cm x 160cm An Antique North East Anatolian Sivas rug with ''Persian shawl'' design.Circa 1910s. https:// link
Lovely Kesi Fragment. Around 1800. ca.50x40cm. Superfine. Needs a caring hand.
price:  180 €
Swedish kilim, size: 43*34 cm, wall hanging
price:  €160 + shipping
Uzbekistan Lakai Tribal Silk Embroidered Door Frame Very Fine Condition. They hang it on the bride and groom's door in Uzbek weddings ... read more
price:  P.O.R
3'11'' x 5'6'' / 120cm x 170cm An Antique Persian Hadji Jalili Silk Rug, From Tabriz Province, in Northwest of Iran. (circa 1910s). ... read more
Uzbek Lakai, size: 57*18 cm
price:  €280 + shipping
Konya Tauros Mountain Turkmen tent band. It is finely woven with angora and wool tassels. Besides a few minor holes, that shown ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Azeri cicim mafrash end panel (17” x 20”). Mid 19th c. Pretty cool and beautiful, i think. Very rare!
Books: 10 Euro each No. Author Title Year binding, condition / description 1 Perrachon, Alix g. The Decorative Carpet. Fine Handmade Rugs in Contemporary Interiors 2010 cloth with dust jacket, vg ... read more
price:  10 Euro each + shipping
Pre-Columbian Seguas 3 mantle border, s. Coast of Peru, circa 500-700 ad, 12 inches x 102 inches, mounted. Condition: structurally intact without ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Turkmen Tribal Silk Tent Band and Wall Decor. Circa - 1900 Great Condition Size - Lenght : 8 meters and 60 ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Old Turkmen yellow Chirpy
price:  SOLD
Ceremonial Tie and Dye Rumal, Tie and Dye Work on the Gajji-Silk From Kutch Region of Gujarat, India. This were Traditionally used ... read more
price:  On Request
a pair of Antique Bukhora Ethnic Traditional Enameld Silver Cuff Bracelets - Arm band - (Desbend) Size - ''7 cm x 5.5 ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Beautiful figurative Tapestry, ca. 1920, 140 × 90 cm (4' 7" × 2' 11") Price for Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €1,220.00
price:  €1,490.00
Yomut tent band fragment. Turkmen Yomut tent/yurt band fragment. Cm 35x93. Late 19th or early 20th century. a very sweet & decorative ... read more
price:  200$/€ + UPS
Fantastic Antique Indian Textile, 1880-1900 183 × 175 cm (6' 0" × 5' 8") The best price for Extra eu citizens/UE Companies: €1,229.00.
price:  €1,500.00
antique 19 century , double ivory field and border, lots of aubergine purple, oxidations, ultra rare anatolian kilim find, ancient restorations, signs ... read more
price:  $ 499
1»» Swedish kilim, size: 48*47 cm, 2»» tapestry, size: 48*40 cm, wall hanging
price:  €170 + shipping
An excellent antique Turkoman / Turkmen silk embroidered bridal tent band known as Tunic Efli. This very early example dates around mid ... read more
price:  SOLD
Baby Quilt Embroidered and Appliqued work Made by Gadhvi (Chaaran) Community of Dwarka region of Saurashtra Gujrat India.Very Fine Mirror and Patch ... read more
price:  Sold Out
An Very Rare And Fine Quality Ikat chapan, Silk and cotton Uzbekistan. With Roller Print Inside. C.19th century.  Its size is W-62cm, L-128cm,S-25cmX63cm (20221014_133249).
price:  On Request
you need THIS! Antique Ottoman Metal Tablecover Embroidery #8114 Size: 3’x 3′ Age: Late 19th-early 20th century https://antiqueorientalrugs.com/product/antique-ottoman-metal-tablecover...
price:  $1500
a fine pair of antique silk embroidered Uzbek sleeves from Afghanistan side of the border, dating to circa late 19th century / ... read more
price:  $185
Northwest Persian shrub rug See it at Arts: Antique Rug & Textile Show, San Francisco, October 21-23, 2022. Register for the Arts Opening ... read more
price:  Register for the ARTS Opening and Early Buying, Oct. 21!
Fine Azeri saddlebag, complete of colourful striped back, part of our upcoming web exhibition entitled 'From Eurasia With Love'. Sneak preview at ... read more
price:  SOLD AT ARTS
Exquisite Qashqa'i Pile Chanta, part of our upcoming web exhibition entitled 'From Eurasia With Love'. Sneak preview at Arts -Antique Rug & ... read more
price:  SOLD
Mirror cover cod. 0047. Early 20th. century. Silk embroidery on cotton. Kungrad people. Central Asia. Size cm. 64 x 80 (25 x ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
very fine quality rare kantha from undivided bengal india 1850-1875 c. with the finest quality of kantha known as kakzi kantha ... read more
price:  On request
Size: 37x68 cm, Central anatolia, Sivas . Ottoman textile şal...
price:  Ask
Antique & Rare double sided Suzani Bedspread from Bukahra Emirate Material: Silk on Linen Condition: vg Design: inspired by late Safavid brocade ... read more
price:  3600 euro or best offer
Chintamani felt on silk Sultan Shalwar/trousers, an early work by Mehmet Girgic, the Turkish world wide known felt maker and awarded as ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Turkish Embroidery metal thread on Velvet Antique Ottoman Textile, 19th Century 117 × 87 cm (3' 10" × 2' 10")
price:  €3,900.00
Folk Kantha of Krishna and Radha, Fine Quilted And embroidered cotton Kantha Probably from West Bengal region of India, India. C.1875 -1900 Its ... read more
price:  Sold Out Thank You
Felt “ Shyrdak”cod. 0474. Wool. kirghizistan. Early / mid. 20th. century. Condition issue. Some minor tears and holes. Cm. 137 x 322 ... read more
price:  very resonable
Suzani cod. 0052. Cotton embroidery on cotton. Uzbekistan. Fisrt half 20th. century. Size cm. 200 x 230 (79" x 91"). Very good ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Wakan" headdress cod. 0571. Woven cane and traditional pigments. Abelam people. png. Very good condition with strong remaining of pigments and aged ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Antique mid 19th century 12 gul Tekke Torba. Floppy, like a cloth. 1'4" x 4'1"
price:  Sold, thanks!
Safavid silk textile size 80x75cm
price:  Por
Fifty years of Antique Textile Art. Hundreds of 8 x 10 transparencies of collectable tribal rugs, kilims, Andean textiles, Kuba and ... read more
price:  Inquire
Webinar: “The Dark Side of the Textile Trade: From the Silk Road to Today” with Dr. Louise Shelley, University Professor and Director, ... read more
Amirror cover from Uzbekistan. Cm 64 x64.
price:  POR
An Uzbek mirror cover. Cm 59 x 67.
price:  POR
a mirror cover from Uzbekistan. Cm 61 x 59.
price:  POR
a mirror cover from Uzbekistan with ikat. Cm 44 x 49.
price:  POR
Floral Chintz Kalamkari , Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton, From Rajasthan . India. c.1875 - 1900. Exported to the South East Asian Markets. Its ... read more
price:  On Request
Topi (Hat) Floral Chintz Kalamkari Hat, Hand-Drawn Mordant-And Resist-Dyed Cotton,From Coromandel Coast South India. India. c.1825 - 1850. Made to Order for the ... read more
price:  On Request
An excellent Antique 19th century Uzbek Adras quilted Ikat shield shaped hanging from Bokhara / Bukhara region. It is an early Ikat ... read more
price:  $275
An Rare Theen phool bhat Patola Sari, Double Ikat silk from Patan Gujarat 1850 - 1875 c .This Patola known as Theen ... read more
price:  On request
Abochhini Wedding Shawl (Women) from Sindh Region of Undivided India. India, Silk Embroidery on the Silk, c.1875-1900. Its size is 126cmX188cm(20191208_151241).
price:  On Request
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