Kilims and Flatweaves

Siirt blanket - Eastern Turkey - first half 20th century - cm 133x173 minimalism in rugs - battaniye, siirt blankets -eastern turkey ... read more
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East Anatolian cecim size:217x180 cm
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Konya kilim, mounted on linen. 48" x 83". Soft colors. Nice old purple, soft green, pale yellow. Can be removed from ... read more
Antique Anatolian Kilim Fragment size.100x95cm
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Mid 19th Century Anatolian Kilim Size.380x85 Cm
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Qashkai kilim.. with few small old repairs - seen on one cloes up image, great colors and drawing.. Size: 88" x 58" ... read more
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Size :90×151 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia.
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Size : 76 x 266 cm, Central anatolia, Cappadocia kilim.
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Anatolian kilim fragment, beautiful palette of natural colours including apricot, gold, aubergine, light and dark blue and green, some areas of white ... read more
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Swedish kilim, wall hangings, size: 144*52cm
price:  250
a finelly woven Qashqai kilim, all natural dyes. 254x150 cms. (k331). If you like this kilim, you can purchase it directly from ... read more
price:  950 Euros
Antique Kurdish jajim from end 19th (Ghajar period in Iran). 165*235cm vegetable dyes
price:  270$ (free shipping)
Swedish kilim, tree of life design, size: 78*49 cm, wall hanging
price:  110
Turkish Anatolian Siirt Kilim it was made as four pieces. Size:197x163 cm
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Konya, cm 150x380 ca. 1840/1860sh. In great condition.
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Beautiful Anatolian kilim fragment 17th Century. 100 x 75 cm.
Tibet. Unique pile-less seating square woven in a very interesting and unusual knotting style, being either rural or nomadic work with primarily ... read more
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Light and highly flexible jajim from Senneh Iran; early 20th. vegetable dye colours. 130*190cm
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Excellent 18th c. one piece central Anatolian kilim fragment (54" x 46") Full width. Very fine weave. Conserved and mounted on linen.
Antique Anatolian Kilim
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Antique Malatya kelim panel, good colours, good condition 139in by 34in
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Antique Anatolian Obruk Cecim
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This antique kilim from the Qashqai tribe is woven from very finely spun and carded wool, thus creating a kilim of great ... read more
Anatolian kilim size 220x140 cm
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Antique Anatolian kilim
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Woven by Qashqai tribeswomen from Southern Iran. Very finelly hand-spun wool has been used, and as a result the warp and weft ... read more
price:  1900 Euros
Qhasgai kilim all colors natural dyes 1960 or 70s,size 230x170cm
price:  Por
Baluch Kilim (fragment), sw Pakistan/SE Persia, 19th c., approx 1'7" x 3'1" An older fragment exhibiting designs and colors not often seen in ... read more
Mounted Karacecli kelim fragment, early to mid 19th century. Strong saturated colours, large scale graphics 88in by 42in
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Late 19th century Aksaray kelim panel in good condition, strong natural dyes 112in by 29in Minor nick in border
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Aydenli kelim panel, early 19th century. Great colour and graphics, some small amateur repairs, brown wool corroded in several places 144in by 30in
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Size : 125 x 225 cm , Central anatolia, Konya . Over 250 years old .
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Shasavan mini persoanl double bag, silk embroidery on warp faced cotton Jajim with great condition. Wool selvage wrapping done in later period. ... read more
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Antique Turkish Malatya kilim with excellent design and colour. link Size: 11ft 6in x 5ft 5in (350 x 164cm). Late 19th century. ... read more
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From Sonny Berntssons collection: No 623 a kilim panel from Hotamis area circa 1870. 83 x 319 cm. All natural colors. More info or ... read more
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Antique Caucasian rug, hand woven wool, Caucasus Mountains, either a Shirvan Kilim or a Kazak Kelim, early 20thC, kilim rugs are flatwoven ... read more
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Antique Anatolian Zili Cecim Cuhval Face
price:  por
Antique South Caucasian Shirvan kilim of outstanding colour and design. link Size: 9ft 4in x 5ft 9in (285 x 175cm). Circa 1880. a ... read more
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Size : 140x430cm, Central anatolia , Cappadocia (avanos) . i just bought it from the mosque warehouse by tender. mosque officials had lost ... read more
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Size : 150 x 375 cm , Central anatolia, Konya (hotamis) Ca1750s
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Kilim woven in two pieces patterned with 10 bands containing double niche saf type motifs/designs, Central Anatolia, 155 x 370cm, before 1800, ... read more
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North West Kurdish kilim size 350x176cm
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18th c. Konya one piece banded kilim. Conserved and professionally mounted on linen.
Exceptional 18th c. One piece Obruk kilim fragment. Almost complete. Professionally conserved and mounted on natural linen. One of the best!
Turkish Anatolian Cappadocia kilim Size 372x140 cm free shipping all over the world.
price:  450$
Antique West Anatolian Bergama Kilim
price:  por
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