Tom Franzel

  • Three Pre-Columbian textile fragments, 14 x 4, 18 x 3, 26 x 5 inches. As a lot, or sold separately. Mounted on linen.
    price:  SOLD, Thank You $450, OBO, plus shipping

  • sold: Northwest Persian bagface with unusual field design, 19th century, good soft colors. 25x 22 inches. Visible edge wear and very ... read more
    price:  SOLD, Thank You.$95 obo,plus shipping.

  • sold , Thank you. Yomud Chuval, 2 ft 5 in x 4 ft 1 in. 19th century, all good colors. Meaty ... read more
    price:  $145, shipping included, obo.

  • Qashquai kelim, 19th century, 5 ft x 9 ft 4 in, Shows wear, and some holes , but highly decorative. Rd ground ... read more
    price:  $395, OBO, plus estimated shipping cost of $48

  • sold, Thank You. arge Kurd (?) bag, 2 ft 1 in x 2 ft 5 in, all natural colors, complete with back and piled ... read more
    price:  $110, OBO, plus estimated shipping costs of $40

  • Archaic Bakhtiari 5'8 x 10' recently cleaned and blocked flat by Rbt. Mann. Suitable as a floor rug for the right ... read more
    price:  $2500 +ship OBO

  • Baluch, Vase design variant, 3 ft 2 in x 5 ft 4 in. Cotton warps, Asymmetric knotting.
    price:  $$90.00, OBO, Plus estimated shipping cost of $45

  • Anatolian Zile fragment, 19th century, 2 ft x 5 ft 6. All natural colors
    price:  $80.00, OBO, plus estimated shipping cost of $30

  • Baluch, 19th Century, 3 ft 8 x 6 ft 3. Depressed warp weave. Meaty handle. A slightly more brown tonality than in ... read more
    price:  $150, shipping included, OBO.

  • Regal Wreck. Unusual Baluch, 36 x 58 inches.
    price:  SOLD THANK YOU$70, OBO, plus shipping. of approx $25

  • sold thank you Anatolian kelim fragment, 19th century, 7 feet x 31 inches. All natural colors
    price:  SOLD THANK YOU estimated shipping cost of $25

  • sold! thank you. Baluch Balisht, 16 x 28 in. Unusual Boteh inside Boteh motif. No repairs, glossy wool, traces ... read more
    price:  SOLD, Thank You $275 OBO, plus shipping cost of $20

  • Kilaz Heybe, sold ,*Thank you.knotted Anatolian saddlebag, 20 x 18 inches. Good pile, four tiny holes visible in the last picture where it ... read more

  • 8'3" x 4' Antique Kurdish runner with low pile and a couple of crude repairs.
    price:  $500+ ship

  • 9'6" x 5'3" spots of wear and generally low pile but a charming rug.
    price:  $800 plus ship

  • Antique Seichur in almost perfect condition. Minimal oxidation of the brown. Wool on wool. 7'2" x 4'3"
    price:  $1500

  • Decorative semi-antique Turkish rug in excellent condition 49" x 70" dazzling colors in border.
    price:  195 + ship

  • Rare pattern in this hauntingly beautiful Kasim Ushag 46" x 106" solid, clean, usable condition.
    price:  please inquire

  • semi-antique Anatolian kilim fragment. 26" x 100"
    price:  please inquire

  • Anatolian kilim fragment 64" x 66"
    price:  please inquire

  • Strange old Bakhtiari garden rug with very funky transitional dyes: 54" x 80" sold.
    price:  please inquire

  • Antique botah rug 80" x62" Probably from the Khamseh group. Reasonably presentable thin/low-pile with a couple of small holes and ... read more
    price:  $475 plus shipping

  • sold thank you! Antique Caucasian pile rug in somewhat distressed condition. Unusual pattern and a rich array ... read more
    price:  $225 plus ship

  • Beautiful antique rug69" x 53" full even pile pile with some unfortunate moth damage (see pictures).
    price:  $200 +ship

  • Afshar (?) bag, 26" x 23" nice condition.
    price:  $225 inc US ship

  • Distinctive Kurdish Bag 21" x 21&1/2" I've never seen this pattern elsewhere. Clean and in excellent condition, SOLD--THANK you.
    price:  $375 inc US ship

  • Beautiful Heriz tree of life mat 31" x 24" low even pile. SOLD--THANK you.
    price:  $350 inc US ship

  • Extremely Decorative Semi-Antique Bijar (?) Kilim 9'4" by 78"
    price:  $695 inc ship in US

  • Classic Afshar beauty 73" x 54" Recently hand cleaned by an expert. Wear/creasing in center as shown in pictures. ... read more
    price:  $675 inc ship

  • Originally purchased from Marla Mallet in her "unrestored collectables" section. 30 1/2" by 11' 4"
    price:  $600 plus ship

  • Beautiful antique kilim half 30 1/2" by 10' 4"
    price:  please inquire

  • Original source was said to be from an old Italian collection, and was purchased in an Austrian auction. About 60" x ... read more
    price:  please inquire

  • sold--thank you! Very old Jaff 27"x 39"
    price:  $200 plus ship

  • Anatolian kilim-half which someone cut in half (probably for display purposes--could be rejoined fairly easily). Some of the dies are ... read more
    price:  $500+ship

  • Not sure of type but very decorative and good age: 37" x 61" sold--thank you.
    price:  $300

  • Hamadan 50" x 71" single wefted wool, cotton warp, similar to gul hennae pattern. Bought at an estate sale in Salem, ... read more
    price:  please ask

  • Maden (an Anatolian town near Kayseri) 44" x 75." Blacks are oxidized giving a deeply sculped effect. sorry--no longer available
    price:  195.00 plus ship

  • Yoruk, "Holbein" Kurdish rug, 46"x 96" Originally purchased from a store called "Anatolia" (now gone) in Seattle, some years ago. sold--thank you! ... read more
    price:  195.00 plus ship

  • Antique Afshar 48"x 62" intricate pattern with some wear spots and/or oxidation. Price reduced as of 3/25 to $250.00 plus shipping. no ... read more
    price:  $250 plus ship

  • Malatya bagface. 33" x 20" Close to best of type. Lots of gold colored metalic threads. No problems. sorry ... read more
    price:  $325+15 ship in US

  • Antique Anatolian kilim about 10' x 5' Substantial but not 100% complete--see pictures. Rare blue ground with many interesting ... read more
    price:  1200 US

  • Qashqai Kilim 57" x 79" Vibrant colors, very slight soiling and no other problems. $400 plus shipping
    price:  $400 + sh

  • 1880 Kasim Ushak Kazac 57" x 79" needs a little work on side edges and has loss to one corner as shown ... read more
    price:  $1700 + sh

  • sold! Large Anatolian Kelim Fragment---possibly Aydin? 5 x 10 feet $400 plus shipping SOLD--thank you
    price:  400 US + sh.

  • sold__thank you! Pretty Chinese rug 5'8" x 35" in nice condition. Approximately "art deco" age--possibly older? Shiny, high quality wool but ... read more
    price:  $300 + ship

  • Antique Bijov: some repiling, ends, corners and sides are pretty good, some fuschine and oxidation. 5' x 10' 7" sold
    price:  $1900 +ship

  • Last quarter 19th c. Bakhtiari 58" x 82" Unusual archaic pattern. Good even pile with three or four minor field ... read more
    price:  $695 inc shipping in US

  • sold! Northern Caucasian rug 19th c last quarter, bought from James Opie many years ago and hung on a wall. Good ... read more
    price:  600.00