Lloyd Rowcroft

SOME THINGS NEVER CHANGE. Whether buying rugs from the Afghans in Central Asia in the 1980`s and 90`s or today from the Berbers in the mountains of Morocco the fresh bread and tea which accompanies all long negotiations is still the same -- Wonderful. I specialize in Moroccan rugs and textiles and as I live in the southern tip of Spain and Morocco is only a 35 minute ferry ride away, share my time between the two countries. Please see www.oldorientalcarpet.com for full information. Also facebook as "Moroccan Carpets"

  • antique caucasian kazak rug dating from the pre - Soviet era. It has a pleasing simplistic design of two medallions in the ... read more
    price:  euros 145.

  • antique ceramic turkish tiled panel which is the last large panel of these tiles we discovered in a derelict warehouse in Malaga ... read more
    price:  euros 3,600.

  • antique prayer rug from xinjiang, the north west annexed province of China and home to the Uighur Moslem people. The ... read more
    price:  Euros 400.

  • old moroccan berber high atlas carpet -- it is very unusual to find such an old Berber carpet in this pristine condition ... read more
    price:  euros 890.

  • kurdish quchan chanteh -- a small bag used to store precious items such as jewellery. It dates from the 1930s and is ... read more
    price:  euros 175.

  • moroccan berber rug which is an old peice from the Ourika Valley in the foothills of the southern High Atlas Mountains. The ... read more
    price:  euros 875

  • baluch/belouch rug from the region of Herat in western Afghanistan, circa 1950. Although small and in the format of a grain bag ... read more
    price:  euros 285.

  • do not be cold this winter. a typical small village where alpujarra rugs are woven in many homes. They are at altitudes of ... read more
    price:  Euros 185.

  • moroccan berber part silk saddle bags from the western Middle Atlas province of Zemmour. This is an old set of bags which ... read more
    price:  euros 150.

  • do not be cold this winter. moroccan berber man's cape. Hand woven from undyed, hand spun wool. This is the work of Berbers ... read more
    price:  euros 190.

  • rare high atlas berber carpet. Which was found in a locked store in the smallholding of the ... read more
    price:  euros 2250.

  • moroccan berber ceremonial dress which originates from the Middle Atlas. The dress is in two separate parts - the inner part is ... read more
    price:  euros 140.

  • antique kurdistan long rug circa 1900. The warps and wefts are of fine two ply hand spun wool and this allows for ... read more
    price:  euros 1450.

  • antique ceramic turkish tiles - a large panel consisting of 192 individual tiles and measuring 4.8 x 1.6 metres or 15ft. 9ins. ... read more
    price:  euros 3800.

  • old text book of antique ceramic tiles which is an encylopaedic source of this subject. It was written by Tahsin Oz, former ... read more
    price:  euros 95.

  • rare architectural print -- in the early 1980s students of the Escola Tecnica Superior d·Arquitectura de Barcelona (founded in 1875) were invited ... read more
    price:  euros 225.

  • moroccan berber embroidered kilim, the colours and weave of which indicate that it was woven by the Beni M·guild Berbers in the ... read more
    price:  euros 70.

  • collection of 7 rare berber ceremonial woven belts - Woven for both Berber men and women and tied around the waist as ... read more
    price:  Euros 48 to 75 e

  • antique afshar rug dating from the early 1900s. The rug has glowing natural colours especially in the flower heads which make up ... read more
    price:  euros 280.

  • i recently discovered a previously unknown cache of antique ceramic underglaze tiles which had been lying in an old warehouse in Malaga ... read more
    price:  start at euros 275.

  • double sided moroccan berber carpet of very rare extra large size and originating from the Berbers of the region of Boujad in ... read more
    price:  euros 2850.

  • moroccan high atlas carpet which is exceptionally large and originates from the Ait Tamassine Berbers of the High Atlas between Marrakech and ... read more
    price:  euros 4400.

  • moroccan berber ceremonial dress which originates from the Middle Atlas. The dress is in two separate parts - the inner part is ... read more
    price:  euros 175.

  • moroccan middle atlas berber rug originating from the Berbers of the region of Boujad where it was woven around 40/50 years ago. ... read more
    price:  euros 385

  • moroccan berber tent bag. Known as "Anoual", this type of piled bag acts as a cushion or pillow and is usally part ... read more
    price:  euros 390.

  • very rare tunisian wedding cape known locally as a "Bakhnuq" and given as a gift by the groom to his bride. Although ... read more
    price:  euros 690.

  • moroccan high atlas berber carpet, an old and rare piece in excellent condition which is from the Ait Tamassine Berber group. The ... read more
    price:  euros 2850.

  • berber high atlas tent bag which is the very fine work of the little known Ait bou Ichaouen Berbers in the eastern ... read more
    price:  euros 190.

  • · a little bit of fascinating Oriental Rug history -- 28 copies of "Oriental Rug Review" from the years 1987 to 1993 available as ... read more
    price:  euros 140.

  • moroccan berber hood. The small size of the portion to cover the head, together with the delicate embroidered designs, suggest that the ... read more
    price:  euros 140.

  • anatolian tent bag a small and rare bag woven by pastoral Yoruk people in western Anatolia. It is called locally "oklawali" and ... read more
    price:  euros 290.

  • get ready for winter nights. moroccan middle atlas berber rug which is heavy, floppy and very warm and was used as a cover ... read more
    price:  euroa 690

  • ottoman embroidery which has exceptionally fine silk stitched designs on a linen background. The piece is composed of two embroidered sections separated ... read more
    price:  euros 110.

  • ottoman embroidery which is antique and dates from the late 19th century. It is probably from the Greek Island group of the ... read more
    price:  sold

  • tekke turkoman horse or camel cover which is antique and would have been used to decorate the head and shoulders of the ... read more
    price:  euros 435.

  • yamout turkoman saddle rug. a finely woven and very intricate piece which originates from the small Yamout sub groups of Jaffarbi or ... read more
    price:  euros 260.

  • yamout turkoman animal trappings. a rare pair of trappings which are thought to be decorations for the knees of a camel on ... read more
    price:  euros 365 pair

  • moroccan berber kilim/flat weave. a small and finely woven piece which may have been for a dowry and subsequently put to use ... read more
    price:  sold

  • yamout turkoman tent bag face. This type of bag is the work of the Jaffarbi or Goklen Yamout groups who inhabit southern ... read more
    price:  euros 340.

  • moroccan berber high atlas horse cover. The Berbers of this harsh, high region weave rugs and other textiles for wear, furnishing, storage ... read more
    price:  euros 240.

  • moroccan berber rug from boujad. Even the Berbers of the rest of Morocco regard the weavers from Boujad in the Middle Atlas ... read more
    price:  euros 1150.

  • gabbeh tribal bag probably woven by Lurs. Although the design is more Kurdish in appearance examination of the weave on the reverse, ... read more
    price:  euros 265.

  • moroccan berber high atlas tent bag. Known as "aalau" which is a squarish, partly piled bag usually woven by Berber women of ... read more
    price:  euros 170.

  • moroccan berber pillow/bag. It is difficult to say which is the more beautiful side of this bag, the front or the back. ... read more
    price:  sold

  • collection of old and antique hand made rug weaving tools from persia, anatolia, afghanistan and uzbekistan. All used but still in workable ... read more
    price:  euros 240.

  • This exceptional piece was found in Tazenacht and is from the nearby Ait Ouaouzguite Berbers. The individual floral designs seem to float ... read more
    price:  euros 875.

  • a collection of hand woven ceremonial berber tribal belts from the Middle and High Atlas mountains. Decorative belts are woven with fine ... read more
    price:  euros 545 for all 7.

  • moroccan berber tribal rug. This is an old piece from the Beni Sadden Berbers, a small group who live in the eastern ... read more
    price:  euros 840.