New to Rugrabbit but not to the world of rugs. Though after more than 30 years of work still find myself in the learning stage especially in the recent years which I worked more on other countries rugs especially Turkish ones rather than Persian/Kurdish rugs. Hope to have a great experience here on rugrabbit. I have two shops; one in Paris and the other in Istanbul.

  • Antique Vegetable dye Malayer rug from Iran. Size: 200*140 cm Fedex free shipping worldwide, delivery in 4-7 days to most countries. Email:
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  • Antique collectible Turkish prayer rug. size:180*125 cm For more images and details contact me:
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  • Antique decorative Afghan prayer rug. 150*90 cm listed on ebay: https:// link

  • Antique Decorative Turkish prayer rug for internal design 155cm * 103cm for more images flease contact. https:// link
    price:  Sold, Thanks

  • Antique Uzbekistan decorative rug. Size: 92*155 cm Overall in good condition with some signs of wear, small repair required. For more images please contact me.
    price:  on request

  • Antique Kayseri Turkish rug. Material :wool on wool Size: 170 cm * 120 cm FedEx shipping worldwide. Please contact me for more details.
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  • Antique Bidjar jajim with geometric patterns. Shagha is the word used in kurdish for this type of double knotting technique jajim. size:150*162 cm Please contact ... read more
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  • Amazing antique 19th century rug from shiraz-Iran (kashkai) Even in this situation it is highly decorative and eye catching. SIZE: 130cm/180cm vegetable colours
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  • bidjar decorative kurdish jajim 30cm* 190cm overall in good condition with traces of aging. FedEx free shipping worldwide
    price:  70$ (free shipping)

  • Kurdish jajim from early 20th century. size: 145*120 cm overall in good condition with some signs of wear and ageing. FedEx free shipping worldwide
    price:  140$ (free shipping)

  • Antique Kurdish jajim from Bidjar-Iran. size: 130*195 One of a kind piece specially for collectors and decorative purposes. contact for more images.
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  • Sirjan-Iran sofreh kelim. Vegetable dyes size:140 *145 cm Some signs of ageing and usage are seen.
    price:  450$ free shipping

  • Bidjar-Iran Kurdish jajim with Geometrical pattern belongs to first half 20th. size:110*180 cm Some signs of wear and aging is visible though it was ... read more
    price:  250$ free shipping

  • Antique Kurdish Senneh Kelim (Sojae) Red Rose Pattern Size: 224 * 65 cm shipping will be done for free worldwide using DHL/FedEX
    price:  Sold thanks