Luca Corona

Luca lives in Kathmandu where he runs an eco-lodge, Chandra Ban Retreat. He first went to Tibet in the late 1980's and since then has been collecting authentic, antique Tibetan furniture, rugs and household objects.

  • Tibetan Textile Silk Tibetan Chuba (dress) early-mid 20th Century Sleeveless Tibetan Chuba from Tsang (South-West Tibet)
    price:  POR

  • Tibetan Textile. b79 Woollen Tibetan Chuba length from shoulder 121cm Sleeveless Chuba (Tibetan dress) from Tsang, South-West Tibet early-mid 20th Century
    price:  POR

  • SRW15 Sitting Rug, Tibet, Late 19th-Early 20th 78x82cm excluding fringe Wool warp and weft. Natural dyes. This rug would have been used on the seat of an ... read more
    price:  US $500 plus shipping

  • 3 Nepali wooden phurba (ritual object) with metal, length 33, 31 and 29cm. Age c. 100 years.
    price:  US $ 450

  • Antique Tibetan seal with a deer seated amongst flowers. Carbon dated between 1280 to 1400 (95.4%) Compound material with presence of cellulose and animal ... read more
    price:  POR

  • Tibetan saddle rug. Early 20th Century. All wool. Excellent condition and top quality pile. Border with red felt. sold
    price:  SOLD

  • Tibetan tiger rug. Natural dyes with a line of indigo. All wool. Late 19th Century. Good condition, minor repairs. 64cm x 175cm.
    price:  POA

  • Tibetan door curtain rug. Early 20th Century. Natural and aniline dyes. Rare type of rug and rare design of peacocks in the ... read more
    price:  POR