Shahsavan sumak woven bag face, little old reapirs and wears, there is a fading in pale red color. Size : 8.5" x ... read more
price:  O.R.
1880 Luri Qashqa’i Rug striped southwest Persian washed mothproof Size 243 x 157 cm
price:  $2400
Kerdar Hamadan-- approx 4 x 6.2. So called "Mazlaghan with "lightning" medallion. Open field has many faint little geometric flowers ("diaper" field). ... read more
price:  $415
Afshar-- approx 4.1 x 5.9-- Circa 100 years old. Unique and interesting old sw tribal design. Low in places with some exposed ... read more
price:  $365
Serab--approx 3.3 x 5.3-- It's rare to find one in scatter size-- especially one with such terrific colors. Hugely decorative and useful ... read more
price:  $745
Antique Baluch timuri 1860 ne Persian size 163 x 86 cm
price:  $ 900
Antique Persian Lilihan Mohajeran Design RUnnner. 3'7''x20'. Excellent condition. Nothing to report.
price:  $3500
Complete bag, Shahsavan, silk on wool. Kilim back. Great condition. 57 x 70 Cm. 2 feet x 2 feet 4 inch.
price:  € 350,00 plus shipping
Farahan Sarouk Persian circa 1900 antique, collectors item, Sizes: 55 x 62cm and 56 x 62cm.Carpet id: BDU-9 Vegetable dyes, the black color ... read more
price:  CHF 1'800.- the pair
Belutch Persian circa 1910 antique, collector's item, Size: 159 x 85 (cm) 5' 3" x 2' 9" carept id: E-372 Vegetable dyes, ... read more
price:  CHF 1'350.- is discussable
Belutch Persian circa 1905 antique, collector's item,Size: 178 x 94 (cm) 5' 10" x 3' 1" carpet id: E-356 Vegetable dyes, ... read more
price:  CHF 1'650.- is discussable
#1c352 Handmade antique Persian Malayer rug 4.5' x 6.8' ( 135cm x 207cm ) 1920.c
price:  $575
Afshar bag with tulips, in very good condition, wonderful colours, the back is not original but fits well. 77 x 59 cm.
price:  €195
Bakhtiari Horse Cover, 175 x 105 cm. early 20 th. century. Woven with different sections in kilim, piled and soumak technique. Genuine ... read more
price:  $280 + 60 P&P
Super antique Shahsavan sumac bag face mid 19 c Fine weave all wool and natural dyes seems to be silk wefted ask ... read more
price:  Ask
Antique Persian Cecim Salt Bag Circa 1850-1860 Size.65x56cm
price:  Por
Bidjar-- approx 4.9 x 6.9-- Circa 100 years old. Classic open medallion on wool foundation. One of the finest and most beautiful ... read more
price:  $2350
Malayer-- approx 3.1 x 3.8-- Calling this Malayer for lack of anything better. Probably West Persian Village piece and has kurd influence. ... read more
price:  $345
Persian Sampler-- approx 2.4 x 2.6-- Not sure here. Single weft. Kermanish? Senneh? Really old piece. Fine floppy weave. Call me for ... read more
price:  $450
Rose Bidjar. 78cmx 65cm/ 30x25 inches. Early 1900’s
price:  P.O.R.
Gorgeous antique Bijar Garous rug 213x126cm. In good condition More Info:
price:  £1200
4659- Heriz carpet 345x240
price:  p.o.r
a pair of antique Qashqai bag faces. Good examples of type with fields filled with varied botehs and other sympols. All natural ... read more
price:  $275.00
kia sar Kelim ,234 x130cm (7ft.8in.x 4ft.3in.).Persia circa 1900; Condition : excellent ; wool warp ,wool pattern weft; annonuce side and back cover ... read more
price:  p.o.r.
Mazandaran kilim,approximately 365cm x 211cm ( 11ft.11in. x 6ft.11in.)Persia circa 1900; Condition : excellent; woolwarp,wool weft ; from a Austria Auction, Vienna.
price:  p.o.r.
Special offer: Luri Kurdish rug in excellent condition, around 1900, natural colours, no wear or restaurations or damage. Brocaded kilim ends intact. ... read more
price:  € 575
Antique Persian Jaf Two Pieces Size.62x60-62x60cm
price:  Por
Esfahan rug 1,40*2,10 Good colours
price:  por
Seneh kordestan kilim,in fine condition,Size:154x114 cm
price:  Please ask
203 x 124 cm. Antique persian carpet knotte in the district of FERAGHAN. Very good condition = Perfect colors More pictures and query without ... read more
price:  ask please !
427 x 175 cm size = 14,00 x 5,74 ft. ANTIQUE fine Kordi bijar kelley This carpet is to restor. Natural ... read more
price:  reasonable
Afshar Persian circa 1920 antique. Collector's item, Size: 139 x 128 (cm) 4' 7" x 4' 2" carept id: K-599 Vegetable ... read more
price:  On request
Antique Tehran rugs sampler( wagireh), very Rare.
price:  Not for sale
Mahal - about 9 x 11.9. as found. all original. Wear throughout, glue residue on back of ends, desperate ... read more
price:  Sold. Thanks!
#1b423 Handmade antique Persian Kurdish rug 4.2' x 6.3' ( 128cm x 193cm ) 1880.c
price:  $3300
Bakhtiari torba. Circa 1900 or earlier. Size: 17" x 12.5" - 44 cm x 32 cm.
price:  P.O.R.
Very lovely tribal Afshar rug with strong abrash on a blue green corroded ground. All wool and natural dyes embroidered end finishes. ... read more
price:  Ask
Afshar Persian circa 1885 antique. Collector's item. Size: 254 x 165 (cm) 8' 4" x 5' 5" carpet id: K-1232 Vegetable dyes, ... read more
price:  On request
Afshar Persian circa 1890 antique, collectors item. Size: 167 x 126 (cm) 5' 6" x 4' 2" carept id: K-4083 Vegetable dyes, ... read more
price:  On request
Afshar Persian circa 1910 antique, collector's item, Size: 184 x 160 (cm) 6' x 5' 3" carpet id: k-5344
price:  On request
Very pretty antique Bakhtiar bagface 50x49cm. It is showing signs of wear but very age appropriate. a sweet little piece, which is ... read more
price:  £120
Beautiful Mahal with a great border. All original with some wear . One small hole , The back of one end glued ... read more
price:  Por
Antique Persian jaf Bagface Size.96x65 Cm
price:  Por
#1b422 Handmade antique Persian Kurdish rug 4' x 6' ( 122cm x 183cm ) 1900.c
price:  $2300
Shahsavan Djidjim Size: 235 x 265 cm Region: Persia Material: Wool Condition: Very good Shahsavan Blanket for the floor or the bed Stitched together from eleven panels Each coloured stripe is about 7-8 ... read more
price:  POR
Two Bhaktiari-Schushtar Kelims Size: 136 x 365 cm ( mijan farsch) 95 x 365 cm (kenareh) Region: SW-Persia Material: Wool, Cotton, Camel wool Condition: Very good Description: Early 20th century These kelims were lying ... read more
price:  POR
Afshar kelim circa 1905, antique, collectors item, Size: 160 x 232cm, Carpet id: ROB-3 Vegetable dyes, based on wool threads, perfect condition, the ... read more
price:  On request
Persian Kurdish rug, 199 x 114 cm, possibly a Quchan?
Persian Tabriz, early 20th century, 8-8 x 11-10 (2.64 x 3.61), rug is clean, even low, original ends and edges, soft palette, ... read more
price:  $2500.00
Bijar kelim, 117 x 161 cm. Tight weave, superb colors, fabulous menagerie including a pair of rhinoceros-like critters. Very good condition with ... read more
price:  USD 900.- includes shipping in the U.S.
#1b421 Handmade antique Persian Malayer rug 4.10' x 7.3' ( 150cm x 222cm ) 1920.c
price:  $2150
9-Stage Rocket, 41 x 74 inches. Wool and camel hair. Most likely nw Persian Kurdistan, 19th century
price:  USD 950. including shipping in the U.S.
Antique Hadji Ja Lili Tabriz Baby Prayer Mat. 1'10''x2'9''. Both ends missing a bit. Super fine and collectible!
price:  $700
winter sale - 20 pieces of tribal/village rugs, kilims, pillows of different origin & type (Turkish, turkmen, persian). Most of them in ... read more
price:  300 EUR each
Antique Nortwest Persian Bagface
price:  por
Large North West Persian ‘harshang’ Gallery Carpet with large central ivory medallion. Wool on Cotton warps and dark brown wool weft foundation. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Afshar bag face. 1890-1910 or so. Great and unusual animal figure. Looks like a kind of pheonix. The wool is ... read more
price:  Sold
Veramin - about 13" x 31". Beautiful color, shiny wool, fine weave. Missing secondary, scattered old repairs, moth damaged.
Kashan Prayer Rug wonderful colors and excellent condition all original full pile Circa 1910
price:  On Request
Unusual small Bakhtiyari Sofreh ca.1920 size 77x65 cm 2.6x2.2 ft
price:  Please ask
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