Anatolian Sivas Carpet size 235x124cm
price:  Por
Antique northwest Persian Kurdish long rug with an unusual design, pretty colors and overall good usable condition. Mostly good pile with a ... read more
price:  On request
Anatolian Kurdish Divan Fragmand size 136x110cm
price:  Por
Anatolian Kurdish size 240x140cm
price:  Por
Jaf Kurd - about 21" x 20".
price:  $175
Charming small Kurdish bag (or big chanteh), complete with original striped back, measuring 40 cm x 30 cm and in mint condition. ... read more
price:  sold thanks
Antique Persian Bidjar runner, age: 19th century. Wool foundation. Size: ca. 300x105cm / 9'9''ft x 3'4''ft
price:  Please ask
Antique jaf bag with thick pile ex Erblich collection. Great colours ca 1880
price:  Ask
erguart@outlook.com very early Kurdish gem. Possibly early 19th.cent. reasonable
price:  ask
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool>>size65x48cm
Kurdish Long Rug, 4.00m x 1.51m, dated circa 1910 (1230). Stunning saffron yellow field. Excellent condition.
price:  Please Ask
Kurdish Jaf with beautiful natural colors and very good condition. High wool. Size~66x46cm
very old Bijar fragment wool on wool size 73x35cm
Fantastically colourful Kurdish runner 3'6" x 12'4" in full pile, no restorations, and great age
price:  Please enquire
Very unique, antique Vagire Bidjar sampler rug in great condition, great large meddalion and different border design. It is a fantastic ... read more
price:  Reasonable
Antique Persian tribal runner with many charming animals and folky human figures. Probably Luri or Kurdish. Pile mostly good thick medium length ... read more
price:  On request
Jaf bagface 1880 circa with some small old repairs visible from the photos•••size50x65cm
Splendid Jaf Kurdish mafrash side panel with camel back (40" x 33"). Heavy, chunky, floppy with excellent reflective, silky pile. Circa 1870. ... read more
Antique Anatolian Sivas Yastık size.117x62cm
price:  por
antique small Bijar Rug 1860 circa 2 heads of this this piece was built like 2 or 3 centimeters very professionally(is very ... read more
Antique Kurdish Juval (Chuval). 3rd Quarter 19th Century. 'Jaf' style. Two dynamic panels of colorful ashiks with arms and crosses surmounted by ... read more
price:  On Request
Large (5'1" x 8'3" 155x252cm) East Anatolian Yatak with harshang and other ornament (alien cyclopses?)
price:  $15,000
Kurdish Bagface
price:  $300 plus shipping
Antique Kurdish Klim with wool warp
price:  1200 $
kurdish Jaf bagface 1890 size60x50cm
Jaf bagface 1880 circa in perfect condition•••size63x41cm
Bijar carpet of small size, 274 x 173cm. click the link link to view more items.
price:  Please contact for further details
Colorful older square-shaped Quchan Kurd rug from Khorosan. Aina gul design field, superior color. Condition is... well... um... 'poncho-fied'?
price:  SOLD
Three old Turkoman Chuvals in various degrees of condition, and one 4’x 6’ Jaff Kurd. More pics and sizes of Turkomans available ... read more
price:  $350.00 plus shipping SOLD
Antique Jaff 2'x2'2''. Low spots bottom end needs a little securing.
price:  best offer
Bidjar Fragmand carpet size 103x207cm
price:  Por
This circa 1880 silk Sivas prayer rug measures 4’2’ x 5’5’. It is the coupled column variety on a turquoise ground with ... read more
An antique kurdish Iran Kordi rug with 230/125 cm. Very good shape. Wool warps.
price:  por
Antique kurdish klim with cotton warp in very nice condition
price:  400 $
Kurdish Jaf bagface,circa 1880 wool on wool,original borders•••size 86x70cm
Kurd sumack khorjin bag face. Cm 41x53. 1900? Or older?! Ram horn guls in the center and diamonds in the border. Colors? ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Yuruk long rug, size:235 x 94cm. click the link link to view more items.
price:  Please contact for further details
#7748 Antique Yoruk Turkish Rug This last quarter 19th century antique Yoruk Oriental Turkish carpet measures 4’3” x 8’0” (131 x 244 cm). ... read more
wonderful large 1880 jaff kurdish bagface great natural colors, all ends secured, clean one tiny professional headends repairs 62x100cm 2.1x3.3ft without the fringes
price:  SOLD
Sivas silk 160x115 For more information whatsapp +61-415-799-757
price:  P.O.R
Antique jaf Kurd diamond bagface. In very rough condition but worthy of study because of its interesting design. Notice the complete design ... read more
price:  $175
Antique extra large jaf Kurd diamond bagface. Extra rough condition but with a design feature or two worth studying. The bold and ... read more
price:  $175
Just found: complete pair of antique Kurdish saddlebags (khorjin) in good condition. Please ask for additional photos etc.
price:  495.00
Kurdish bidjar panel size 42x88cm
price:  Por
This rug is part of our June 18th auction.Antique Persian Bidjar Sampler rug , Circa 1890's.This auction includes antique rugs, vintage rugs, ... read more
price:  starting at $2000
Antique Jaf bagface, stunning subtle colours, full pile save corrosion to the black edging. 27in by 23in
price:  Please ask
Anatolian Yuruk prayer rug, Click the link link to view more items. Size: 4ft 6in x 2ft 96in (138 x 84cm). Antique Eastern ... read more
price:  Please contact for further details
Antique Kurdish Long Rug. Last Quarter 19th Century. 21 Colorful Rows of archaic dragon motifs. Some pile loss to top left. Old ... read more
price:  On Request
e. Anatolian divan cover, fragments....18th Cearly 19th c.
Early 19th century sivas with silk selvedges 177x128 For more information Whatsapp +61-415-799-757
price:  P.O.R
savojbolagh kurdish fragment 1860 circa,size73x43cm
East Anatolian Kurdish (Kars region) rug 195 x 130 cm, around 1920/30. often referred as a´Holbein´and/or Creveli rug, as ... read more
price:  SOLD, Thanks!
Very nice 19th century Bidjar Kellei, 12ft x 5ft 4 inches (3.65m x 1.65m), wool foundation, delightful colours, including a very nice ... read more
price:  Please Ask
Early Kurdish rug from east Anatolian lovely rare colour With cypress tree desing 204x127 For more information whatsapp +61-415-799-757
Antique jaf Kurd diamond bagface with beautiful natural colors and very tight weave. Interesting composition of blue diamonds emphasizing a lovely green ... read more
price:  $160
Kurdish sine specimen size 13x17cm
price:  Por
Kurdish sine carpet size 205x137cm
price:  Por
Antique east Anatolian rug fragments. Two pieces from the same old “baklava” rug. Thick meaty pile. Good natural colors. Study or project ... read more
price:  $100
Exceptional, antique Kurdish Kolyai rug, 240x132cm. Dated 1907, showing the inscribtion Ajan which means gift of god. May be the rug has ... read more
price:  € 1250.-
Kurdish fragmand border size 62x33cm
price:  Por
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