kurdish Jaf bagface 1890 size60x50cm
Antique jaf Kurd diamond bagface with great color but with condition issues. Large range of natural colors including nice greens. Mostly good ... read more
price:  $100 plus shipping
Antique Jaf Rug Bag Face
price:  por
wonderful 1890 antique complete jaff bag, with original kelim back, selvedges are in good condition, tiny corner wear, great all natural colors, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Nice older small jaf bagface with very fine weave and pretty natural colors. Original closure tabs. Some minor edge loss. Could use ... read more
price:  $250
Jaf Kurd bag complete with original back and closure tabs. Pretty elem panel with stars. Good thick pile with just slight wear. ... read more
price:  $200 plus shipping
Antique Jaf Kurd Small Rug. Late 19th Century. Radiating latch hook diamonds on purple brown field. Very good condition. Minor losses to ... read more
price:  On Request
Large antique Jaf bag-face, thick lustrous pile. Great condition, great strong colours 42in by 30in
price:  Please ask
Large antique Jaf bag-face, with subtly saturated natural colours and full thick pile, in great condition. 36in by 26in
price:  Please ask
Large antique Jaf bag-face, quirky design, great saturated colours. Lustrous wool with some small areas of loss to brown pile 44in by 31in
price:  Please ask
46x77inch Semi Antique Nice Kurd 3.10X6.5ft Very good condition Good overall pile Nice colors and well drawn
price:  POR
Early archaic Northwest Persian or Kurdish rug. Age: circa 1800, size: ca. 530x180cm / 17'4''ft x 6ft . Very old, some obvious ... read more
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Antique Kurdish rug with a beautiful camel ground color, size: 187x110cm / 6'2''ft x 3'6''ft
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Kordi (Khorassan Kurdish) flatweave salt bag. Early 1900s.
price:  sold
Size : 145 x 330 (cm), East anatolia , Antep region !
price:  Ask
Bidjar Persian Oriental Rug #7952 This circa 1930 antique Bidjar Persian Oriental Rug measures 4’6” x 6’8”. It is wool on cotton ... read more
Fine Kurdish kilim. Wool on cotton. Size: 147 cm x 231 cm (58” x 91”).
price:  P.O.R.
wonderful! all natural colors, , great collectors jaff 70x73cm 2.3x2.45ft
price:  O.R.
Flatweave cod. 0215. One of the items posted on my website link Wool. Yazidis Kurd people. Iraq. Mid. 20th. century. Very good ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
one of the smallest and best antique Bijar reverse bagface in the world;48.5x20,5 cm(both),each one23x20,5 cm,.its more than 120 years old.very rare ... read more
price:  POR
wonderful large jaff 1890 bagface, great natural colors, one tiny very professional repair, less than fingertip,, meaty pile, silky wool 107x73cm 3.6x2.4ft without the ... read more
price:  SOLD
North West Persian (?) Kilim Size : 190 x 97 cm
price:  P.o.r
30X52inch Old Hamadan? Kurd Pattern 2.6X4.4ft older small hamadan Has an unusual and very old Kurdish design Has an old palette PayPal cash and ... read more
price:  POR
Jaf Kurd bag with colorful flatwoven back. bagface measures 2'0"x2'0" https:// link
price:  $650
Jaf bagface 1880 all good colors and in perfect condition•••size72x68cm
An antique Sinjabi Kurdish rug from North West Persia. a beautiful tribal rug with glowing natural dyes and good wool. Both decorative ... read more
price:  POA
Antique East Anatolian Rug
price:  por
Beautiful North West Persian Kurdish saddle bag front. Highly saturated colors. Please ask for additional photos if needed.
price:  525.00
a nice Bijar bag face, about 100 years old with naturall dyed colors,51x47 cm,pls not to hesitate to ask any question.
price:  380€
Antique Turkish Gaziantep Rug. 2nd Half 19th Century. Three archaic ivory outlined hexagonal medallions float on deep cochineal field. Framed by gorgeous ... read more
price:  POR
19th Century East Anatolian Kilim.It's in perfect condition and has great colors.The border colors is apricot.Ready to use it.Untouched one.Large Size 152 ... read more
price:  On Request
Mid 19th Century East Anatolian Yastık Size.75x65 Cm
price:  Por
24X40inch jaf Kurd Bag Face. Nice colors Good wool Some border loss. PayPal and ship to usa lower 48 only
price:  181 US
25.5X28.5inch Semi Antique Kurd Bag Face. Nice thick pile of really great wool. Nice saturated colors. Asking $265 us Only PayPal ... read more
price:  265 US
Northern Iraq- Kurdish knotted palas - Warpface weave with pile. woven in panels. few samll holes restored. Circa 1900 -1920s. size: 69" ... read more
price:  O.R.
East Anatolia Rug fragment 235 x 160 cm
price:  P.o.r
Size : 125 x 160 (cm), East anatolia, Antep region ! Ca 1830
price:  Ask
30X26inch Antique Jaf Kurd Bag Face. Nice clean dyes. Good size. Overall pile is good. Brown a little corroded, But not ... read more
price:  POR
Kurdish Jaf with beautiful natural colors and very good condition. High wool. Size~66x46cm
19th Century Kurdish Colorful Rug Size 135 x 220 cm
price:  Sold Thanks
Persian Hamadan, early 20th century, 3-8 x 6-2 (1.12 x 1.88), rug was hand washed, very good condition, full pile, Kurdish, original ... read more
price:  $400.00
Antique Jaf Kurd Bag Face. Late 19th Century. Great condition considering age with slight loss to both top and bottom. Moderate pile ... read more
price:  POR
Kurd/Shahsevan "Khorjin" (saddle bag), nw Persia, 19th c., 1'6" x 3'4" Please inquire for further information / details
Kurdish Jaf 1880 circa with beautiful natural colors and good condition wool on wool size55x108cm
19th Century Central Anatolian Sivas Yastık In this example the confronting bird's head motif is used in the main borders as well ... read more
price:  On Request
Persian Jaf Kurd bag face, late 19th century, 1-10 x 1-10 (.56 x .56), rug was hand washed, good condition, full pile, ... read more
price:  $350.00
Jaf kurd - nice color and weave. 'as found' distressed condition. $115/bo + ship.
price:  $115/bo + ship
Size : 107 x 340 (cm), Middle anatolia , sivas (sarkisla) .
price:  Ask
Bijar Wagireh with Mina Khani references.
price:  Fair
Old North west Persian rug with Minakhani references. Fabulous colors. Sporadic condition issues which shouldn’t bother serious collectors. Or a smart decorator. ... read more
price:  On request.
Late 18th Century Persian Bidjar Rug Fragment Size 89 x 131 cm
price:  On Request
Cool nw Persian Rug? Maybe Turkish? 1'5''x2'. One end missing about an inch. Has been secured.
Bijar Rug, Late 19th century to early 20th Century. Fantastic range of colors and overall design. It great condition with ... read more
price:  POR
19th century nw Persian runner in excellent original condition. 14'8" x 3'3"
price:  GBP £1,150 plus shipping
Sweet and playful Jaf chanteh (small bag), unusual small size. Nice tight and seldom seen border set. Deeply patinated, saturated colors. One ... read more
Splendid Jaf Kurdish mafrash side panel with camel back (40" x 33"). Heavy, chunky, floppy with excellent reflective, silky pile. Circa 1870. ... read more
Very gorgeous, antique Bidjar rug, full pile, and it was made with wool on wool foundation. Great border design. size 3'-7"x4'-7".
price:  $550 REASONABLE
Eastern Anatolia Diwan carpet fragment. Most probably Kagizman. Perfect size for a fragment: cm 86x114 or ft 2.8x3.7 . Second half 19th ... read more
price:  please inquire
Antique yuruk original.condition some light wear to the field otherwise reasonable condition for the age.220x130 M
price:  750usd
Nice antique bijar lion rug ask for more details
price:  Ask
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