Special collection piece. Antique Kurdish nomadic rug woven by Herki Tribe members. Extra soft special wool. Full original. Excellent condition. Date inscribed ... read more
price:  PoR
More pics re this lovely Jaff Kurd heybe with fantastic kilim back. Cm 50x60 ca. Mid or end 19th century. i find ... read more
price:  your offer welcome
Very old Kurdish kilim with two panels. High condition. Very thin weaving. Great piece. 132 x 210 cm. Available. Contact: rohat_berk_kartal@hotmail.com
price:  PoR
18th century East Anatolian Divan cover 3x7’9 rugsdc@yahoo.com
price:  Por
Antique Bidjar Mint condition. 4'x6'.
price:  $1650
Central anatolia, Sivas (gürün) Antique textile .
price:  Ask
Antique Collectible Kurdish Juval(Chuval),Size 81×110 Cm,Good Age,Low pile in some areas and small old repair on the corner which had done.Contact for ... read more
price:  Enquire Please
Kurdish - Hakkari baby carrier. Goat hair and wool.
price:  murathanantiques@gmail.com
Jaff Kurd heybe with fantastic kilim back. Cm 50x60 ca. Mid or end 19th century. I find it extremely fascinating, with wonderful colors ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Kurdish Jaf bagface very tribal design and high wool circa 1880 in perfect condition•••size63x41cm
Pile bagface, probably Kurdish. Great colors Size: 47 x 47 cm Knots: Symmetrical Condition: Excellent, long silky pile
price:  POR
colorful Large antique Jaf bagface circa 1880 all good natural colors and good condition,size 112x66cm
Antique Adana kilim fragment very nice colors all original available if need any more information please contact dm - E-mail sahcarpets@gmail.com ... read more
price:  200 € + shipping
Early 19th Century Kurdish Rug Size : 140 x 198 cm Please send me directly mail. emreaydin10@icloud.com
price:  emreaydin10@icloud.com
Antique Bijar Persian Rug, ca. 19th century, the size is 4'9" x 7'3" ft.
price:  Please ask
jaff size:86*60 material:wool age:in 1900 Please send me directly mail info@davoud.com
price:  390 euro
Wagireh Ornak Bidjar Halvaie sample rug 1920 Shiny wool great condition
price:  Ask
Kagizman kilim fragment. Probably first half of the 19th century. Excellent colors, saturation and drawing. The deep apricot indicates excellent age. ... read more
price:  POR
Antique Anatolian Sivas Yastık size: 109x52 cm.
price:  Ask Please
Turkey. Eastern Anatolia. Malatya area. Sinanli tribal group. Either a mafrash end panel or the front of a saddle bag or heybe/khorjin. Very thin ... read more
price:  was € 360, now € 180 + shipping
Eastern Anatolia Malatya wedding kilim strip. Probably Sinanli tribal group work. Size is cm 88x372. Datable end 19th/early20th century. In mint condition. ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Central anatolia, Sivas . Size ; 110 x 230 cm
price:  Ask
Kurdish saltBag circa 1880 all good natural colors and very good condation size65x43cm
Kurdish kilim, 235x131cm, beginning of 20th century, mint condition Please contact christinawiese.ceramics@gmail.com Sorry the system turned all my pics to the wrong side.
price:  700.-
Turkish Sivas- Sarkısla Kilim. Size:220x302. There are places that need repair.
price:  Ask
Konya Cihanbeyli Kurdish Rug Size: 125x160 cm
price:  ask
Horse cover? part of mafrash? a cherful bagface with great graphics, Kurdish or Luri. wool on cotton. 76 (full length)x 59 cm. ... read more
price:  € 110
Jaff Kurd Bag, wool on wool, Collection.rah@gmail.com
price:  €380 + shipping
Dated Persian Bidjar Rug in Good Condition Size 137x 207 cm. Please send me directly mail. emreaydin10@icloud.com
price:  emreaydin10@icloud.com
Antique East Anatolian Erzurum Kilim gragment
price:  Por
Kurdish Fragmant Size 200x100cm
price:  Por
Large antique Jaf bagface 1880 circa all good colors and good condition. size 102x70cm
East Anatolian Yastik - Sivas - silky smooth wool pile in good condition
price:  on request
Masterpiece! Age, balance, colors, pattern, condition...... Beautiful Senneh/Sinna kilim. Some say it's a Bidjar, others stick to Senneh. In any way it's simply a ... read more
price:  was € 2.400, now € 1.200 only + shipping at cost price
Antique South East Anatolian Prayer Rug , from the Rashwan Tribe Gaziantep - Malatya circa 1860 . Size 128 cm x 68 cm ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Kurdish mat 1'2''x1'5''. Excellent condition
price:  $125 + Shipping
Colourful Kurd Saddlebag with original back. Full pile, the colour drips off...
price:  GBP £1,800
Antique Malatya Sinanli or Reyhanli tribal kilim chuval Bag from southeast anatolia. Woven wirh sumakh embroidery and metal threads 100x70cm ~ 1900/20 All naturel dyes. ... read more
price:  290 Euro
Antique Kurd Rug, from E.Persia, circa 1920 or before with a wonderful range of natural dyes, in excellent condition for the age ... read more
price:  Please Inquire
Rare striped East Anatolian rug fragment > 18th c. Good pile. Mounted. Please email: patrickpouler@gmail.com
Classic East Anatolian Malatya area bag with an unusual eight-pointed star in octagon design. Pearl roundels? (Probably not but it is reminiscent)
price:  $350 more info... benbanayan@gmail.com
Anatolian Kurd Rug, Mid 19th c., 3'4'' x 12'5'' (102 x 378 cm). Weight: 15 lbs. Material: wool pile, wool warp, wool ... read more
price:  Starting Bid: $500
Antique Mahabad Savojbolagh Kurdish Rug Beautiful florals and Rare design. Condition: there is some wear throughout but commiserate with age. 64” x 47”
price:  499
Beautiful probably Kurdish sumack korjin bag face. Cm 56x59. Early 20th c. Lovely colors, some are certainly natural, some others may be ... read more
price:  €520+UPS/shipping
old Kurdish Fragment. Size: 125x230 cm.
price:  Ask
a colorful fragment with bold graphics that i identify as the bridge (the connecting section between the two bags) of a large ... read more
price:  $200, shipping included
Antique Bidjar Rug Antique Bidjar Rug 4' x 7.3’ Wool foundations, as here, characterize the extremely robust weaving of the Kurds ... read more
price:  699
18th Century Anatolian Sivas Fragment Rug Size 130 x 144 cm. Please send me directly mail. emreaydin10@icloud.com
price:  emreaydin10@icloud.com
Kurdish shenjab sofra size 180x190cm
price:  Por
Size ; 128 x 190, East anatolia , Antep .
price:  Ask
Eastern Anatolia, Turkey. This is a great storage bag or commonly called in Turkish cuval. Size is cm 126x136. Complete, in good ... read more
price:  € 360+ UPS
Turkey. East Anatolia, Adiyaman mountains open storage bag or cuval. Cm 105x160 ca. Late 19th, early 20th c. Great natural dyes. Archaic, ... read more
price:  pls inquire
Sinanli tribal group. Malatya area. Eastern Anatolia. Turkey. Big khorjin or saddle bag face. Cm 73x73. End 19th/early 20th century. Highlights: great ... read more
price:  390+ups
Size ; 55x97 cm, Central anatolia, Sivas (sarkisla)
Antique small Bijar Kilim, circa 1930 or before, in excellent condition with a wonderful range of natural dyes, size 2`6" by 3`1", ... read more
price:  Sold(Thank you)
Antique Jaff kurdish rugs, wool on wool, Very silky and shiny wool, size: 245*110 cm, Email: collection.rah@gmail.com
price:  €580 + shipping
Size ; 108 x 280 cm, Central anatolia, Sivas . Old tulu .
price:  Ask
Kurdish Hakkari Tribal Kilim Rug. Very old and good condition. Size 145x220. Circa 1880’s
price:  ifaaa06@hotmail.com
excellent quality Kurdish Jaf bagFace circa 1880 all natural colors and very good condition size 72x56cm
North west Persian carpet size 240x100cm
price:  Por
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