corner fragment from a so-called 'Tibetan Group' or 'Golden Triangle' rug. Woven in the Northwest Persia/ Eastern Anatolia border region sometime around ... read more
price:  SOLD
Tibet rug, blue background with nice flowers . Good age and condition. Wool warp and weft.size 63*75Cm(25*29”)
price:  $150 including shipping
Tibetan Textile Silk Tibetan Chuba (dress) early-mid 20th Century Sleeveless Tibetan Chuba from Tsang (South-West Tibet)
price:  POR
Tibetan Textile. b79 Woollen Tibetan Chuba length from shoulder 121cm Sleeveless Chuba (Tibetan dress) from Tsang, South-West Tibet early-mid 20th Century
price:  POR
SRW15 Sitting Rug, Tibet, Late 19th-Early 20th 78x82cm excluding fringe Wool warp and weft. Natural dyes. This rug would have been used on the seat of an ... read more
price:  US $500 plus shipping
Tibetan: Wangden for temple use, warp-face back construction, 28 by 76 inches, before 1900 por
price:  POR
Tibetan: Small khaden, 27 by 52 inches, field of "frogs feet" with central medallion on deep blue ground. Some re-weaves c.1900
price:  $700. plus shipping
Tibet rug, very nice green color with single group flower pattern. Good age. Size 64*52cm(25*20”)
price:  $100 including shipping
Tibet rug fragment, rare blue background with green group flowers . Good age more than 100 years old. Size 60*48cn(23*19”)
price:  $100 including shipping
a small vintage Buddhist libations cup, Tibet, made in the form of a Kapala, skull cup, three pieces, the cup, a lid, ... read more
price:  please ask
Tibetan rug, yellow background with cross brown checker veins. Size 156*94CM(61*37”) Good condition.
price:  $280 including shipping
The Tiger Rugs of Tibet by Mimi Lipton (1988). Considered the definitive work on Tibetan tiger rugs when published, it is still ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thank you!
a matched pair of fringed Tibetan carpets of a somewhat uncommon central design. That is, while the main motif of the center ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thanks for the inquiries!
Tibetan khaden, or ‘bed size’ carpet. Six bats - a symbol for happiness because of the Chinese name for bat is fu, ... read more
price:  Price on request
Tibet rug, three joined , red background with group flowers veins. Good age and condition. Size 68*190cm(27*74”)
price:  Please ask
Pair of antique Gansu rugs,very low, but use-able.
price:  Inexpensive
Tibetan dragon rug, knotted circa in 1935, semi antique, 118 x 205 cm, carpet id: BRDI-37 The knots are hand spun wool, the ... read more
price:  On request
Mongolian rug, 150 x 80 cm / 5' x 2'8".
price:  SOLD
Bhutan masks. Pair of Bhutanese Mahakala wooden dance masks, circa first half 1900’s (probably 1910 – 1930) in excellent condition. The rich ... read more
price:  Price on request
Tibetan Gyoyu or ‘throne back’. Tibetan lama’s throne back carpet featuring three five clawed dragons. The red colour could signify that it ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thanks all for your interest!
Tibet rug, yellow background with beautiful flowers veins. Good age and condition. Size 80*160cm(31*62”)
price:  Please ask
Tibet rug, red background with medallion flowers , good age and condition. Size 90*155cm(35*60”)
price:  Please ask
Tibet rug, green background with three medallion veins. Good age and condition. Size 88*168cm(34*66”)
price:  Please ask
Tibetan seating mat, meditation square. Good even condition. Evidence of fuchsine. Size: 2ft x 2ft - 61cm x 61cm.
price:  Please ask
Early 19thC Tibetan “khaden”(sitting rug;to go on a single bed) This larger knot type is attributed to Gamba Dzong (There are several spellings ... read more
price:  $2500us
112 x 60 cm Tappeto orientale antico regione della Mongolia Interna, circondario di Sichuan. Ottimo stato conservativo. Pulito e pronto ... read more
price:  IN GB = sold = TY!on request !
Worn as an adornment, this belt is used during festivals and celebrations by the Chanthang nomads of Tibet. https://wovensouls.com/products/125-antique-tibetan-nomads-white-coral-belt
price:  POR
Tibet Carpet size 150x70cm
price:  Sold thanks
Tibetan mongrel, In the mid-19th century, Size 170x150cm, The discount price is $285, including air freight.
Tibet rug, Double dragon and double phoenix with lucky cloud pattern, Good age and condition. Size 90*175cm (35*68”)
price:  Please ask
Tibet rug, The symmetrical pattern of golden chickens and vases and flowers is very interesting and rare. Good age and condition. Size
price:  Sale
Antique Tibetan Khampa Nomad's Bullet Case. Collected from Tibet in 2007. Used by Khampa Nomads of Eastern Tibet. Rare relic of a vanishing ... read more
price:  POR
Tibet rug, blue background with double dragon and lucky cloud pattern. Good age and condition. Size 88*162cm(34*63”)
price:  Please ask
Antique Tibetan khaden, 19th century, all dyes natural including beautiful rose and apricot. Three medallion pattern with double dorjee medallions flanking ... read more
price:  Please inquire
Antique Himalayan / Tibetan Coat with superfine Pangden Style Weave. More details: https://wovensouls.com/products/1164-antique-tibetan-coat-with-superfine...
price:  POR
Saddle Rug, Gyantse(?), Tibet, circa 1900 Immaculate condition Please ask.
price:  Please ask
Tibetan saddle cover, 2'2"x2'8"
price:  $800
-master red- 19th c. warp-faced back long pile weaving on a tsukdruk loom. originaly a tibetan monk cloak. made of 16 narrow strips, fantastic ... read more
Antique Mongolian Rug Mongolia ca.1920 19'6" x 12'4" (595 x 376 cm) FJ Hakimian Reference #08010
price:  Price upon request
Kira (woman's wrap),Probably woven in Bumthang, Bhutan. It consists of three panels joint to form one single cloth. The delicate weaving n ... read more
price:  On Request
Tibetan rug, group flower pattern with Chinese Bogu veins selvage. Good age and condition. Size 138*75cm(53*29)
price:  Sale
Tibetan rug, red background with colorful flower and grass pattern. Good age and condition. Size 165*88cm(64*34”)
price:  Sale
Tigma monastery runner "Nambu" fragment cod. 0722. Tied-dyed wool plain weave. Tibet. Circa 1850 or earlier. Good condition with some holes, ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Antique Tibetan rug, good age and conditions. camel color with lotus flowers. Size 174 cm *90cm
price:  Please ask
Old doll or amulet, hand-carved from fine-grained hardwood, polished to a smooth gloss from wear and use. Collected about 1990 in ... read more
price:  95.00 USD
mid 19c. tibetan squares of smaller size...very nice old colors
a rare early rug from chifeng area in inner mongolia. it doesen t mean that mongolian people were weaving rugs.
Antique Tibetan Zanpar (carved wooden mould stick). This zanpar was carved with numerous primitive and evocative figures. Zanpars often depict miniature ... read more
price:  inquire
Tibetan khaden, striking design with red-orange floral elements on abrashed blue-green ground,tightly woven with great wool 2'10" by 5'6", c.1920-30
price:  POR
2.x2.10 Tibetan meditation setting rug circa 1920s
price:  SOLD
Tibet mat with good age colors and design, all original.E.mail for more info and pics.
price:  US$ 150.
a rare green ground Tibetan saddle top from the Wangden valley. 19th century. Very good condition.
price:  SOLD
central Tibetan sitting rug (kagangma), second half 19th century, 59 x 68 cm, natural colors, good condition
price:  SOLD
Tibetan, horse blanket, wool cloth with overall tie-dyed design,? 1900
price:  por SOLD
Tibetan Large khaden, abt 3 by 6 ft, overall geometric design in brown on a strongly abraashed indigo field. Excellent condition.abt
price:  POR
Tibetan, small khden with three eccentric swastikas, abrashed indigo ground, some repair to field,, before 1900
price:  POR
Tibetan, small khaden, attractive abrashed indigo ground, good red, before 1900
price:  POR
Tibetan, table top mat with frogs feet, some repair , bottom edge c.1920
price:  POR
Tibetan, small floral mat, perhaps saddle top, excellent condition
price:  POR
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