Old and original Tibetan monks hat knotted like a rug. Good condition done signs of use. a rare object
price:  £250 + shipping
This lovely Tibetan seating square made ca 1900 was sourced in Tibet nearly 25 years ago, had some repairs done there ... read more
price:  Sold
Beautiful Tibetan floral khaden (bed size rug) featuring two lotus’s - each growing out of Mount Meru, the mythical sacred mountain in ... read more
price:  SOLD - Thank you!
Tibetan Masho or 'above-saddle' carpet portraying - in this instance - a benign, almost 'pussy-cat' like tiger pelt. The very light brown ... read more
price:  Price on request
Beautiful antique Tibetan khaden rug ca 1900. Size 152 x 89 cm. Old thick backing remains. Excellent condition glowing colours ... read more
price:  Ask
Tibetan Dragon Rug size: 78 x 145 cm
price:  POR
Thigma Tie and Dye Costume (Coat) of Zanskar women's from Ladakh. India. It’s Pure Indigo Blue colour and other natural colours has ... read more
price:  On Request
Mask depicting the deity Mahakala, wood, Nepal or Tibet, 12 inches high, 19th c., or possibly earlier. The abstract treatment of the ... read more
price:  POR
one of the best copy of a ming lotos silk on tibetan rugs. big khaden fragment with a beautiful green ground and ... read more
skull form mask (citipati) , Tibet/Nepal, 8 inches high, 19th/20th c., Citipati masks depict a form/aspect of the diety Mahakala and are ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan mat with an unusually refined design, 28 x 28 inches, 19th c., condition: very good pile around the perimeter, reduced pile ... read more
price:  POR
rare for design for an antique tibetan saddle..
price:  sold
19th c. checkerboard small tibetan rug with uncommon and interesting design proportions and thick yak wool warps.
Mid 19th century Tibetan rug
price:  Sold
Mid 19thC Tibetan rug No repair
price:  $2800us
Tibet or Chinese Rug with aoft shiney wool,very beautiful and bold pictureal rug,good age,colors and design.Clean and ready for show.Size 4'8*2'4".E.mail for ... read more
price:  US$ 549.
Chinese or Tibet with with soft and shiney wool,excellent cndition,with Black Swan and Deers on riverside.Without any repair,clean ready for the display.Size ... read more
price:  US$ 599.
Composite textile.
price:  Por
Tibetan tsuktruk, 3 strips stitched together. Around 1900. Excellent condition, beautiful abrash. Size 52 x 31.5 inch (132 x 80 cm). You ... read more
price:  € 600
Small, antique historical Tibetan rug. Lovely piece.
price:  SOLD THX
203 x 133 cm for this antique Chinese region of gansu. Shiny wool and very beautiful blue-china for this piece with the ... read more
price:  TY ! ** SOLD
Circa 1700 or older “Golden Triangle” fragment (29” x 21”) sourced in Tibet in the 90’s. Northwest Persian or Southeast Anatolian. Upper ... read more
Antique Tibetan horse bag great condition 130 x 63 cm
price:  VENDU, MERCI
Complete two piece set of Tibetan saddle carpets with a matched design, that is both the under-saddle (makden) and over-saddle (masho) carpets, ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thank you!
very beautiful 19th century tibetan khaden with saturated natural colors and top wool. no restorations, some spots of low pile to the
Tibetan wooden saddle with shagreen (the skin from a shark or stingray) decorating the front and back ‘faces’ and lower flat surfaces ... read more
price:  Price on request
Tibetan, large khaden in stunning monochromatic red, with narrow indigo border and some, small abrash: tightly woven in finest wool;35 by 70 ... read more
price:  POR
Tibetan, correction) Two large swastikas on brown field with small corner frets; exhibited at 1998 acor Conf., Denver: 27 by 62 inches,
price:  POR
Tibetan, small khaden with abrashed blue green ground, with eccentric red border, 29 by 44 inches, pre-1900
price:  POR
Tibetan rug, 80x58 cm, mid 20th century
price:  900€
Tibetan Khagangma Meditation Rug - Tibet, 19th c, blue field with medallion and "frog foot" motif. 70x54 cm
price:  Por
Attractive intact 'throne' back and seat from the Baotou- Suiyuan area - i.e. Inner Mongolia - but in this case, given the ... read more
price:  Price on request
a Tibetan book with 98 leaves (in need of conservation) and a fine wood book cover in excellent condition. At the moment ... read more
price:  POR
Beautiful late 19th century inner Mongolian (i.e. the Baotou - Suiyuan region) 'wasp-wasted' under-saddle carpet with all natural dyes in original ‘as ... read more
price:  Price upon request
• lucknowi payjama • Cotton Soft Sheer material for comfort and luxury. Cut much like pyjama's still widely worn in Nepal side , India. ... read more
price:  P.O.R
Tibetan Mandala, 19th century, 24x24cm, elm wood
price:  1050 €
tibet, beautiful nambu monastic bench cover.all wool 19th c.
black ..the protectiv color of tibetan highlands ..arare piece these days
Tibetan rug Tsuk truk , early 20th century, 145x79cm
price:  1450 €
Two seating squares (sometimes referred to as ‘mediation’ squares / carpets) that have almost certainly come from a much longer Tibetan ‘runner’ ... read more
price:  Well priced. Please inquire
washed! fantastic early tibetan colors and wool..
price:  sold
Tibetan horse saddle rug, Rare lama dark red background color is more high-grade, full of thousand Buddha hands veins, there ... read more
price:  Please ask
Tibetan rug, Yellow color with group flowers and lucky clouds veins . about late Qing Dynasty. Good age. Size 80*160(31*62”)
price:  $480 including shipping
now with better light..! tibetan yak trapping with protectiv amulett. a rare textile work from the changtang nomads. wool on wool ... read more
Tibetan horse saddle rug, Light camel background with snow mountain lion pattern. Good age and condition. Wool warp and weft. Size 95*62cm(37*24”)
price:  Please ask
Very rare Tibetan Damru decoration on purple ground
price:  Mucho Dinero ....or trade for Baluch
Beautiful Tibetan Butterfly saddle.
price:  por
Tibetan rug, very nice red color, good age and wool quality, five strips are sewn together. Size 80*150cm (30*59”)
price:  $850 including shipping
Lustrous beautifully abrashed burgundy coloured four panel Tibetan tsuktruk with soft deep pile in excellent condition with no damage or repairs. These ... read more
price:  Price on request
Tibetan horse saddle rug, Orange background color with group flower pattern, Chinese traditional eight treasures selvage. Good age and condition. Size ... read more
price:  Please ask
a very nice antique Tibetan Khaden, size: 140x97cm / 4'6''ft by 3'2''ft
price:  Please ask
Very unusual Tibetan saddle carpet. What at first glance looks like your ‘normal’ oval shaped under-saddle carpet (that is, two halves simply ... read more
price:  SOLD. Thank you!
show me the shou.... problem what is shou.......
Tibetan wangden, ecclesiastical prayer and meditation rug, excellent condition, before 1900, about 36 by 36 inches.
price:  POR
Tibetan saddle top 84x58cm. Minimalistic design with one little swastika in the very centre of an elegant medallion. Only two colors display ... read more
price:  Sold! Many thanks!
very old tibetan monastic bench cover, wrap faced back or wangden...3x 33 squares one swastika 540cm.. huge size, early and beautiful!
Tibetan fragment, green background with group flowers veins. Late 19th centuryy. Wool warp and weft. Size 48*58cm(19*23”)
price:  $180 including shipping
Tibetan lama hat, very rare one, it is the fifteenth century Tibetan famous Gelug school lamas in the religious ceremony of the ... read more
price:  $90 including shipping
Tibetan butterfly horse saddle, about mid Qing Dynasty. Orange background with snow mountain lion veins. Good age and condition. Size 120*74cm(
price:  Please ask
#7261 Antique Mongolian Rug 6’5” x 9’4” This late 19th century antique Mongolian Oriental carpet measures 6’5” x 9’4” (198.12cm x 286.512cm). It ... read more
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