Nice antique Chinese embroidery with green dog of Fo. 36 cm diameter framed and glazed good condition late 19 c i reckon.
price:  Ask
Pair of Chinese Antique Shiwan wear Fu-dogs Antique Chinese pair of fu-dog (or fu-lions) hand made of Shiwan stonewear ceramic. Shiwan ware (Chinese: ... read more
price:  3500.00
Chinese plate 19th century size 40cm
price:  Por
Chinese Beijing circa 1930 Semi antique, Size: 328 x 240 (cm) 10' 9" x 7' 10" carpet id: P-5634 Knotted in Art ... read more
price:  On request
Chinese, Baotou, Nei Mongol scholar’s pictorial wall carpet, 1930/1940, depicting a phoenix looking towards the sun-symbolizing the peace brought by a wise ... read more
price:  SOLD
Chine ming dynasty 18th century size width 13,5cm height 7,5 cm
price:  Por
This circa 1915 Peking Chinese Oriental #7513 rug measures 9’1” x 11’6” (277 x 353 cm). It has a center medallion consisting ... read more
Antique Chinese rug, size: 3'7" x 3'7" original mint condition.
price:  Please ask
#7512 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 7’3″ x 8’9″ Description This Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 7’3” x 8’9” (22 x 271 cm). This rug ... read more
#7511 Antique Peking Chinese Rug This circa 1910 Peking Chinese Oriental rug measures 8’11” x 11’7” (273 x 356 cm). This nicely ... read more
Ningxia rug, Buddha’s warrior attendant’s stick pattern, very nice color, good age and condition. Size 65*65cm(25*25”)
price:  Sale
Antique Chinese Green Peking Glass Water Coupe A stunning Chinese peking glass water coupe with faceted edges, in a monochrome emerald green color. ... read more
price:  1450.00
Antique Chinese Pair of Raspberry Porcelain Vases with Hongxian Mark Chinese pair of monochrome porcelain vases with a speckled raspberry glaze. They are ... read more
price:  3500.00
Lovely circa 1800 Ningxia runner that has been reduced in length, as many of these are. One entire end border as well ... read more
price:  por
superb red felt not mongolian nor from gansu.... 18th century
Tibetan lama hat, 38*23cm. Golden silk thread, dragon lucky clouds pattern. Dragon pattern by the highest rank of the great living ... read more
price:  Please ask
Ningxia rug, camel yellow background with lively five dragons mat, it was produced in Kangxi Dynasty, very good age. Size 67*65cm(26*25”)
price:  Sale
Chinese baotou rug. 177*100cm. Chinese traditional Bogu vase,arond the Buddhism eight treasures. nice color wool. good conditions.
price:  please ask
Hand made antique cellectible Chinese Suiyuan Runner rug. 255*65cm. Highest quality wool, medallion group flower design, very beautiful color combination, about ... read more
price:  please ask
Antique Chinese Qingbai Bowl with Fish Chinese qingbai porcelain bowl, egg shell thin body with pale celadon crackle glaze. The well of the ... read more
price:  2900.00
Antique Chinese Turquoise Encrusted Snuff Bottle Antique Chinese snuff bottle of a flattened oval form with recessed foot, encrusted with finely crushed turquoise. ... read more
price:  975.00
Ningxia runner carpet, six joined mats, light camel background with Buddha turns wheel veins. Very good age and condition.size 355*60cm(138*23”)
price:  Sale
Tibetan rug, 158*84cm.Hand made antique Chinese Tibetan rug, Soft warm color and medallion flowers , around with coiling tubes. good age, without ... read more
price:  please ask
Antique Tibetan rug, 139*72cm. Chinese eight treasures of Buddha pattern. without any repair.
price:  please ask
Chinese Ningxia runner , 186*68cm. cut half from a complete one. hand woven antique rug, foo dogs pattern, high quality , ... read more
price:  please ask
Tibetan rug, 150*80cm, handmade , beautiful plant color dyeing, Chinese peonies and auspicious cloud patterns all over the ground. without any repair.
price:  please ask
Antique Peking Chinese rug 1900 circa , size 350x275 cm full pile and very good condition,
Chinese Ningxia rug, 160*72cm. about 200years old. full of bright and beautiful money coin veins.
price:  please ask
Ningxia horse saddle, 132*65cm. about 200 years old. buddha hands veins.
price:  please ask
102 x 54 cm Tappeto cinese antico annodato nel gansu. chinese antique carpet knotted in the region of GANSU. In perfect condition. With a lot ... read more
price:  ask please!
Peking Chinese, circa 1900, 2-0 x 3-9 (.61 x 1.14), full pile, good condition, hand washed, both ends old good overcasting, original ... read more
price:  SOLD
Chinese old, size: 200 x 300cm Certain places the pile is used.
price:  CHF 400.-
China Patau Carpet size 300x215cmm
price:  Por
Ningxia Buddhist Vajra Seat Cover Tibetan hand-woven seat cover, once would have used by a Buddhist priest. The region of Ningxia supplied the ... read more
price:  1950.00
Large Chinese antique silk on silk-satin embroidery, minor damage in places. Birds, plants and insects. Please contact for further info and shipping ... read more
price:  SOLD
Chinese Antique Court Robe Kesi silk-gauze tapestry-weave with metallic thread and ink-lined details. Numerous damages, repairs, patches and alterations - see photos. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Ningxia rug, mid 19thC, potentially older,very poor condition, but the colors glow, the approximate size is 24 in x 37 in, ... read more
price:  $125.00US
Qianlong Ningxia Seating Mat
price:  POA
Khotan Rug: Qing Dynasty, 19th century sitting carpet with red field and moon flower vein pattern. Lots of repair, aka "shabby chic"- ... read more
price:  $100.USD
Xinjiang Chinese Saddle Bags: Complete set of horse/donkey bags circa late 19th to early 20th century. Please see enlargement 3#- the flat ... read more
price:  $100.USD
Peking Chinese, late 19th century, 2-5 x 2-11 (.74 x .89), missing ends, blacks oxidized, zodiac signs, hand washed, wear, dragon, monkey, ... read more
price:  SOLD
Ming Dynasty Chinese water bucket.
price:  Por
Parsi Jhabla or Jhablo (Blouse) From Surat Gujarat India. The ‘four over, under one satin weave is embroidered with Flowers ... read more
price:  On Request
Rare Antique Chinese Ningxia rug 5'5" x 7'9" With 9 Fo Dogs. Full Lustrous Pile with minor areas of wear (see photos). This ... read more
price:  Live Auction on Ebay
Chinese Antique Carp Scroll by Li Fang Yin Antique Chinese scroll painting of 5 large carp swimming in pond with lotus and other ... read more
price:  5500.00
Chinese Scroll Painting of Geese by Zhu Gejian Chinese antique scroll painting of pair of geese, one sitting on branch, the other fishing ... read more
price:  Sold
Chinese Rank Badge with Egret A Chinese rank badge with an egret set in the middle of the square standing on a rocky ... read more
price:  975.00
Antique Chinese Small Celadon Bowl A small Chinese eggshell thin ceramic bowl with celadon green underglaze. The center of the bowl is incised ... read more
price:  3500.00
Antique Chinese Qingbai Foliate Porcelain Dish A small Chinese porcelain dish with Qingbai light blue-green crackle glaze and very thin form. The foliate ... read more
price:  2000.00
Chinese early 20th century embroidery. Silk and gold thread. Playful yet slightly ferocious fu dog design surrounded by 100 antique ... read more
price:  Sold
Chinese Antique Silk Robe With Blue Butterflies Chinese antique silk women's robe, embroidered with butterflies and flowers, with elaborate butterflies and fruit in ... read more
price:  5500.00
This last quarter 19th century Peking Chinese Oriental Rug measures 10’1 x 13’6” (308 x 515 cm). It has a medium brown ... read more
Chinese Antique Dragon Robe, Qing Dynasty Antique Chinese dragon robe woven with 8 dragons (3 on the front, 3 on the back, and ... read more
price:  8500.00
Elegant old Peking living size cm 450*340 +- to save your parquet with nice 1940'honest handmade just professionally washed some areas used --- Sold
Chinese (2'9" * 4'10")
price:  $ 525
Chinese (2"5' * 4'7")
price:  $675
#7490 Antique Peking Chinese This circa 1890 Peking Chinese rug measures 5’6” x 5’1” (170 x 155 cm). It has a navy ... read more
price:  $3500
a gold brocaded silk weaving with flowers and cranes. Late Ming, most likely Wanli, ca. 1600. Dim.: WxL 30 x 76 cm ... read more
price:  Inquire
#7508 Antique Ningxia Rug This circa 1850 Ningxia antique Chinese rug measures 2’5” x 5’4” (76 x 164 cm). It has a ... read more
price:  $650
Antique Chinese rug Art Deco round 1920 , 56 x 74 cm. . Superb natural colours ... read more
price:  POR
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