bÖlÜÇ balisht full pİle 75x55
price:  sold
Lovely double-sided knotted-pile Baluch chanteh in good condition with good vegetable colours. 28cm x 26cm (11" x 10").
price:  SOLD
Beluch Torba both face fine work very good condition size is 90 cm x 45 cm
price:  250 usd
Antique Baluch 100x130cm, in good condition, beautifully drawing, slightly damaged (see pictures)
price:  €320
Finely woven Antique Baluch (85x155cm)
price:  €130
Antique Baluch (85x156cm), in great condition
price:  €190
Finely woven Antique Baluch (66x110cm) some light wear spots (see picture)
price:  sold
Late 19th c. Baluch rug with unusual star/lattice field design and curled-leaf border. Good pile in borders but lower in field. One ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique baluch bagface. Interesting insect border. Trampled by a herd of elephants. 19th c. 28" x 32"
price:  $195 or best offer
Balouchi Bird bag face 20 by 26 inches. circa 1900 give or take. Hard to find in near mint condition. Also ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beautiful Baluch Bagface with good colours and original backing.Handwashed Ready for the display.
price:  Sold.
Antique Baluch 130x82cm, in good condition, beautifully drawing
price:  aks
Beludj, Persia, 1,42 x 0,78 m, cca 1910. In good condition, original sides, endings are a little bit incomplete.
price:  SOLD
Baluch Rugs in the Indianapolis Museum of Art link
price:  The following pieces constitute Baluchi weavings published online by the Indianapolis Museum of Art. The majority are from the Boucher Collection. Most but not all of these have been published in 'Baluchi Woven Treasures'. They are compiled here for the enjoyment of all Baluchi lovers. click the link above to view.
Beludj, Persia, 2,05 x 0,97 m, late 19th century. In very good condition, high piles, original kilim endings, original sides, needed no repair.
price:  SOLD
Antique Balouch Rug, Size cm:130 x 80, Size ft:4'4 x 2'8, Code No:R3871, Availability:In Stock, This rug is around 75 to 80 years old and some minor
price:  Sold
Baluch bagfront, 2nd half 19th cent., 72 x 70 cm/28 x 28 inch; nice collector´s item in good condition; see as well:
price:  POR
Belouchi-- 3 ft 0 by 5 ft 0 inches. An old and timeworn rug. Pretty unusual and interesting design.
price:  SOLD
Antique Belouch Rug Size cm:135 x 85, Size ft:4'6 x 2'10, Code No:R3855, Antique Oriental Rug: This rug is over hundred years old and some minor
price:  Sold
(22) Beludj balisht, 50 x 89 cm., with woven back, perfect condition, saturated dyes incl. aubergine. -Kolya
price:  ASK
(26) Beludj bag face, 60 x 78 cm., Well oxidized brown wool with a distinct olive-green tinge. Excellent shape with lovely sumac ... read more
price:  SOLD
Antique Belouch Rug, Size cm:135 x 90, Size ft:4'6 x 3'0, Code No:R6028, Availability:In Stock, This rug is over hundred years old and some minor damage
price:  Sold
antique belouch rug.some worn outs and some parts are missing but still a very nice piece and has great silky wool.please feel ... read more
price:  reasonable
Balouch rug, 4th Qtr 19th c. Fair condition with overall low pile and some knots showing. Soft and thin texture. Original four-cord selvedges. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Balouch Bag Front, ca 1900. Good condition with soft lustrous wool and handle. Original selvedges and embroiderd ends. Nice dark color palette ... read more
price:  SOLD
Beluch, overall good condition, kolah-ceraz, 60-70 years age
price:  P.O.R.
Beluch 52 x 80 cm
price:  P.O.R.
19 century beluch/chanteh 34cmx30cm Pazyryk Antique Amsterdam
price:  € 195
baluch kelım - 307 x 107 cm
Belouch rug,2'7"x4'4" Unusual design Belouch rug,early 1900 The overall condition is good.
price:  $675.00
baluch balisht -96 x 42 cm
price:  sold thanks J
An unusually designed Baluch carpet from the late 19th century. It has some minor selvage damage, and a little low in pile ... read more
price:  Reasonable
If it doesn't have enough color, add it. Antique camel ground baluch with good design, good age but very poor condition including ... read more
price:  embarassingly low
Belouch prayer rug 2' 9" x 4' 2". Probably circa 1930's. Good pile and condition including very large kelim ends. Freshly ... read more
price:  Sold
Belouch 3' 3" x 5' 5". Probably circa 1920 or earlier. Even low pile with the usual corrosion in the brown (see ... read more
price:  $625.00
Belouch 2' 11" x 5' 8". Not sure how to identify this one. It has elements of both Belouch and Kurdish (Quchan?) ... read more
price:  $950.00
antique Baluch rug, Northest Peersian (Khorrosan), silky lustrous wool that shines. Good complete condition. There is cochineal in this piece along with ... read more
price:  SOLD
19th century beluch ( teymory) 160cmx92cm pazyryk antigue amsterdam
price:  SOLD
small Baluch Bag in very good condition with natural colors, size 30x30cm
price:  SOLD thanks
Belouch bag face 28" x 34". Full thick pile everywhere, with good edges/end all around. The wool is extremely silky and shiny. ... read more
price:  Sold
Antique Baluch namakdan (salt bag), ca. 1900-10. 40 x 53 cm. In very good condition.
price:  on request
Pashtun dress panel, 20thC vintage, Afghanistan, embroidery, mirrors, and glass beads, very good condition, size 11 in. x 11in., #9666
price:  $95.00USD
Baluch. 4.5 x 7 ft (130 x 210 cm), excellent condition.
price:  on request
Smart, little Beludj Timuri prayer-rug with original kilims on both sides, soft and silky wool, great colours, perfect condition, no restaurations. Around 1910, size: ... read more
price:  SOLD
a tree of life Arab Baluch carpet. The size measures to 2ft 7in x 4ft 8in. Peace and blessings....
price:  On request
Afghanischer Beluch
price:  P.O.R.
antique baluch prayer rug, low pile, 250$ ship free
Very fine antique Beluch 19th. entury , 78 x 145 cm. Very slight mothdomage ... read more
price:  450,00 € + ship
Sistan Baluch Bagface, ( Khorjin ) Vibrant vegetal color including blues and greens with characteristically glossy wool and floppy handle. In good ... read more
price:  on request
Antique Beluch rug c1900. 7ft x 3ft6 . This old Beluch is in need of a deep clean, there is good shiny ... read more
price:  sold
Baluch flatwoven chanteh 10-1/2 in x 10-1/2 in. Wool. Natural dyes. Early 20th c. All tassels intact. Perfect condition.
price:  POR
Antique baluch bagface. Perfect condition with full thick pile and tight weave. All rich natural colors and lustrous wool. Small flat weave ... read more
price:  sold
very smart Belouchi Balisht with crisp drawing and in mint condition.
price:  SOLD
Baluch rug; first Quarter 20th c.; 96 x 148cm (3`2” x 4`10”); Arab-Baluch from Ferdows region; well know design precisely described from ... read more
price:  reasonable, please ask
baluch chanteh - 57 x 60 cm
price:  P.O.R
Antique large baluch bagface. Interesting design with c gul inspired elements. Appears to have all good colors but "as found", very very ... read more
price:  sold
Baluch Balisht with Camel field
price:  on request
Antique Balisht, late 19th c. Beautiful glossy wool in full pile. Good colors including aubergine. Camel hair center. Missing selvedges, otherwise very ... read more
price:  SOLD
Worn and torn, but cheap old Baluch bagface with interesting animals woven on the kilim ends. 19th c, 79x115 cm.
price:  Euro 200
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