American hooked rug, wool hooked on burlap, c.1930, very arts and crafts, 32 squares on a black background, blue, gray, lavender, light ... read more
price:  $59.00USD
The precolumbian stone Green Jade culture chavin private collection intact price : 3800 $$ maybe negotiable thanks
price:  3800
This traditional Mexican Serape textile measures 64 x 84 inches. Fibers are cotton and fine wool with "eye of god". Excellent quality ... read more
price:  POR
a very attractive old Aymara Indian women's manta or shoulder blanket with fabulous pictorial motifs, including animals such as lamas, alpaca, bats, ... read more
price:  SOLD, thank you
American needlepoint 1900s in bad condition we appreciate feedback
price:  ask for it
Charming little navajo mat. Thin and fine weave. Dirty and a few small pulls, nibbles and crude repairs. ca 1900? 18" sq.
price:  sold
Transitional Rio Grande Stripe Blanket with tightly dense woven classic stripe with natural handspun wool. early 1900s. 56" x 33" Late Emerson ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Casas Grandes pottery bowl, Escondida? type, Northern Mexico, 1250-1475 ad, the inside of the bowl is painted with a sunflower, the sunflower ... read more
price:  $295.00USD
Rio Grande Blanket, two panels seamed, handspun wool with indigo and cochineal, Emerson Woelffer Collection, 72" x 42", late 1800s to ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
a Rio Grande Blanket, tightly woven of native hand spun soft wool. late 19c, Emerson Woelffer collection, 82" x 47.5" p.o.r.
Navajo Rug - excellent condition - circa 1900 - 2.16m x 1.30m (7' 1" x 4' 3")
price:  SOLD
3' x 3' 10'' - c. 1900 - American Hook - $1,250
price:  $1,250
3' 2'' x 4' 11'' - c. 1910 - American Hook - $700
price:  $700
2' 9'' x 4' 4'' - c. 1910 - American Hook Rug - $900
price:  $900
#1b63 American Navajo blanket 4.2' x 9.7' 1880, in original condition: has a stain and little color run
#1b62 American Navajo rug 4.6' x 7.5' c. 1880
price:  SOLD
#1b60 American Navajo rug 2.10' x 3.10' 1880
American patchwork 225x182 cm co645.JPG
price:  good price
American Hooked Rug With a few minor areas of distress,this is an interesting geometric composition. Distress includes wear on the upper right corner ... read more
price:  POR
Antique clay pipe, Pre-Columbian North East Mexico, made in the shape of a peyote plant, most of the peyote plant grows underground, ... read more
price:  $175.00US
Older navajo rug with storm design. "as found", very dirty and with a good hole. Nice tight weave. No dye run. late ... read more
price:  sold
a weaving from the "Rio Grande" tradition, i.e., from central and northern New Mexico that has a lot of mexician Saltillo serape ... read more
price:  £750
This mid-19th-century American hooked rug measures 8’9” x 11’11”. The background design is of different colored bricks displayed in the basket weave ... read more
price:  $6000.00
Antique Mexican Serape -Wool on Linen -74" by 38" This is a Saltillo style serape where the diamond center is an aggregate ... read more
price:  SOLD
Rare pictorial Native American Navajo rug.48X80 inches. Detail photos available.
price:  SOLD
Nez Percé Corn Husk Bag, (click for reverse) 19th. century, excellent condition, 11'' x 9''.
price:  ON REQUEST
Taino stone grinding pestle, pre-Columbian era, 1000 - 1400 ad, with Janus head handle, Caribbean region.
Mayan pottery whistle, Maya Indians, Guatemala, ca. ad 450-950, some ancient chips but still in working order, you can play it like ... read more
price:  $150.00US
Another textile fragment from Alpacas r us. Somewhat smaller but no less charming. Last one. 1'8" x 3'
price:  Sold
Jeddito Pottery, (Pre-Columbian Hopi Indians), us Southwest, ad 1300-1600, two stylized zoomorphic figures, cracked and glued but all there, penned on ... read more
price:  $525.00US
Old textile fragment. South American? They look like alpacas and probably it's alpaca wool. Woven in two pieces. Original selvages. Reasonably clean. ... read more
price:  Sold
American sampler, Bath County, Kentucky, signed "Susanna Magill in the 10th year of her age 1826", silk embroidery on linen, 1826 is ... read more
price:  $495.00US
a Navajo rug. A Beshir prayer rug.
Navajo Flatweave 2.16m x 1.30m (7' 1" x 4' 3") - Excellent condition.
price:  SOLD
Unusual Navajo weaving that resembles (child's) prayer rugs with stepped prayer arches and stepped diamond mihrabs. Colors are natural dark brown, natural dark ... read more
price:  Sold
Older native American Navajo rug. Very bold and colorful. Good condition. Vibrant red but no dye run. All wool. Soft and supple. ... read more
price:  SOLD
Hooked Rug - 2.11 x 1.8 nice example of american folk art. missing upper end, side gouge, soiled areas. needs thorough ... read more
Just published! Handbook of Fakes by Tuduc (World’s most famous rug forger). Presented on the occasion of the lecture "Tuduc Fakes in European and American Collections" New ... read more
price:  80 €
Andean Bags, Part of the Exhibition, Andean Textile Traditions: Pre-Columbian to 19th century weavings
Pre-Columbian textile fragment, probably Chimu. 28cm x 30cm (textile only)
price:  £375 GBP
Pre-Columbian Sash Peru, Chimu Culture 1000 – 1400 A.D. Total Length: 102" (259 cm) Width: 2" (5 cm) Ref: 212 Please visit our online exhibition: Andean Textile Traditions.
price:  Price On Request
Pre-Columbian Four Corner Hat Peru, Wari Culture 400 – 600 A.D. Height: 3.5" Ref: pct 224 Please visit our online exhibition: Andean Textile Traditions.
price:  SOLD
Pre-Columbian Sash With Human Figures Peru, Chimu Culture 1000 – 1400 A.D. Total Length: 105" (267 cm) Width: 2.5" (6.3 cm) Ref: 552 Please visit our online exhibition: ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Pre-Columbian Sash With Human Figures, complete and in great condition which is hard to find in such things.. Peru, Chimu Culture, 1000 ... read more
price:  Price On Request
Pre-Columbian Band Bolivia, Tiwanaku/Pukara Cult 100 b.c. – 300 A.D. Size: 18.5" x 2" (47 x 5 cm) Please visit our online exhibition: Andean Textile Traditions.
price:  Price On Request
Pre-Columbian Belt Peru, Nasca Culture 500 – 800 A.D. Length: 76" (193 cm) Width: 1.25" (2.5 cm) Please visit our online exhibition: Andean Textile Traditions.
price:  Price On Request
Pre-Columbian Band Peru, Nasca Culture 400 – 600 A.D. Total Length: 19" (48 cm) Width: 1.5" (4 cm) Please visit our online exhibition: Andean Textile Traditions.
price:  Price On Request
Pre-Columbian Pile Strip with Feline and Raptor Profile Heads Peru, Wari Culture 500 – 800 A.D. Please visit our online exhibition: Andean Textile Traditions.
price:  por
Large Antique Navajo Teec Nos Pos jb Moore Rug from 1920`s with very rare design elements and proportions. Very good and original ... read more
price:  SOLD
South American Shawl, 19th. Cent., Natural colors, 45'' x 42''.Click to see full image of piece.
price:  $1500.
Navaho-Fragment, 1. Hälfte 20 Jh., Arizona, New Mexico Usa, 125 x 82 cm, beschädigt
price:  180 €
sold An exceptional Huron birch bark casket c.1820. charming scenes from American Indian life depicting a family in a canoe, a ... read more
phenomenal Navajo kilim...Wonderful figures and rare looking piece...Perfect condition...4'8 by 3'9 ft
price:  price on request
Four American Indian Rugs from a house clearance; pictorial storm pattern rug, a Gallup throw with cotton warps (the red one),one with ... read more
price:  pls ask
Nazca Pre-Columbian Textile, Peru, 6th. to 8th. century ad, mounted, size: 4'0 x 5'2 (122 x 157)
price:  por
Pre-Columbian Inca Textile, Peru, circa: 1500, size: 3'0 x 7'1 (94 x 214), mounted
price:  por
Nazca Textile Peru 6th to 8th. century Size: 1'1 x 8'0 (32 x 245)
price:  por
sold Navajo saddle rug unusual and original "piled" band and tassles 2ft3 x 2ft8 c1900 good condition apart from a few ... read more
Spanish colonial South American ( Andes ?) rug with a lion in a roundel. Two shades of cochineal insect dye and an ... read more
antique aymara ikat poncho-charasani valley, bolivia-ca. 1900 fewer than 12 known
price:  $1500.00
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