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Beautiful Antique Ottoman embroidery textile 31” * 44”
Chinese Xinjiang rug, it was produced in Khotan area, Birds pay homage to the king pattern, more than 120 years old, good ... read more
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Indigo Tsugihagi (Patch-Worked) "Boro" from 19th century Japan. This boro seems to have been a work wear, and been stored and waiting ... read more
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a 19th century Chinese badge with a coral beads sun. Conserved and framed. Cm 31 x 31.
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Rare Anatolian runner kilim size 300x80cm
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Antique runner knotted in north-west Persia by the nomadic tribe of Shahsavan, Moghan area. Very unusual pattern for a runner; with design ... read more
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Super old small Timuri Baluch prayer rug. Circa 1850. Thin.
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Turkish Anatolian cuval size=156x112 cm
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Beautiful late 19th century Kazak. Has some old repairs. 235 x 170 cm/ 7'10" x 5'8".
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Antique Turkmen Yamut Chuval Fragment
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Antique Qashqaii Bag faces
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Antique East Anatolian Rug Fragment size.114x112cm
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Tibetan Tiger rug circa 1920, in very good condition. 2'6" x 5'6" / 76 x 167cm
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Greeny/blue field, dated, Karachov Kazak approx 3' x 6' In near perfect condition, original selvedge, original end finishes both ends, good high pile ... read more
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Extremely attractive Teftset rug, Germany, circa 1920. 3'8" x 7'1" / 111 x 216cm. Particularly well patinated example, with an intriguing 18th ... read more
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5'10''x7'6'' Kazak dated 1897 as is damages here and there
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Gorgeous antique Oushak 11'3" x 15'7" / 343 x 475cm Please email me at as i do not always receive RugRabbit messages, ... read more
price:  GBP £16,000
Indigo Phulkari From East(Punjab)India Called As Buti phulkari.Rare Jewellery Figure Design.Floss Silk on Hand Spun Cotton khaddar Cloth.Its size is 130cm x
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Muslin turban cloth tie-dyed in multiple colours 'mothara' Turban. From Shekhawati District Rajasthan. India. c.1900. Its size is nearly 6 to 8 ... read more
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Bijar - Antique Persian Carpet 120+ years old More info:
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Beautiful half of an xviii century ( or earlier ) kilim. Central Turkey. Cm 73 x 392. Mounted and conserved professionally.
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a broccatello fragment from Portugal. xvi century. Mounted on a rigid panel and conserved. Cm 32 x 50.
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Turkmen Beshir border fragment. c, 31x84. Third quarter 19th century. Great deep, natural, saturated colors. Madder red, green, yellow, petrol blue.... Lovely ... read more
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Qhasgai sofra all colors natural dyes and very nice quality.size 220x147cm
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Tabriz Persian, semi antique, 350 x 267 (cm) 11' 6" x 8' 9" carpet id: P-5137 The knots are hand spun lamb ... read more
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Small, (39”x 48”) classic Chichi Caucasian Kuba rug with early drawing and sparkling color. Circa 1850-70.
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Beautiful handmade antique runner with nice saturated colors, northwest Iran, shrub design centerfield. Around 1900. As found, in need of a wash. ... read more
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Small Kuba, full pile...39" x 61"
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Shahsavan hamamlu all colors natural dyes and warp silk 1840s size 43x92cm
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Antique Anatolian Konya Kilim
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Antique Turkmen Tekke Ensi Rug
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Size : 206 x 305 (cm), West anatolian flatweave Natural dyes !
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Moghan-Savalan Shahsavan Mafrash Panel,Late 19th Century. This panel has an incredible array of colors. It is even more striking color-wise ... read more
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Anatolian Konya karapınar tülu rug size=194x108 cm Need to clean
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Antique Caucasian Lezgi Kuba Shirvan Rug Size.165x120 Cm
price:  540 dollar inclg shp
Antique East Anatolian Cecim Saddle Bagface
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