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beautiful antique 1860 south Persian Kelim qashqai flatweave all white is cotton!original end finish and selvage no repairs been made, traces ... read more
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Old Caucasian Gence Rug
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Antique Baluch Bird Bagface
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#6876 Borchalo Kazak  This first half 19th century Borchalo Kazak measures 3’10” x 4’9”.
#6856 18th century Ghordez This 18th century Ghordez rug measures 3’6” x 5’8”. It is a spectacular example of 18th century Turkish weaving.  ... read more
Early 19th c Yomud Yomut chuval. Lovely old natural colors with beautiful deep blue and turquoise. Symmetrical knotting. No repairs. Very good ... read more
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Striped beauty. Kurdish?/Or? Khorjin bag face. Cm 60x60. Early 20th c or earlier. Great, colorful, elegant, beautiful. In good condition.
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Old Sahsavan Sumak Bagface
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Antique Turkmen Tekke Main Carpet
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Anatolian Kilim Fragment
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Malatya or Antep ? chuval , wondeful warm colors . Two small repairs , early twenty century . Size 152/118 cm
Shahsavan? Early 1800? My eyes say it has got great, saturated colors, it's fragmented, cut, reduced, anything you want….but a fantastici piece…..
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Approximately 100 years old Royal Paris stamped tapestry. Fine product with fine embroidery frame measurements outward from 90x130, table size 80x110 cm.
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Ermanian antique carpet.... Size=197/132
Beludsch 1,61 x 0,99 m, wool on wool, very good condition
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This is one highlight of our Autumn Exhibition 2017 "Inventions - Variations": # 1131 Kordi Flatweave Balisht, 31/72 cm, Darreh-Gaz-area, Khorasan, Northeast ... read more
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Early Saryk Tentbandfrag: 280 x 25 cm. Very rare and authentic Turkmen piece. Great dyes and drawing.
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Anatolian Bergama Cecim Perfect Size 196-118
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For the collector of small... Cute and Rare little Turkmen Yomud Kap - 16" x 9" - 41 x 23 cm.
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Persian very old Kurdish fragmant rug size 112x120cm
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Excellent vintage Kantha from Murshidabad district of West Bengal India with high quality figured work of animals flowers and humans and mango ... read more
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Shahsavan sumack bag face. Cm 54x52. Second half 19th c. Out of an Italian collection. Great saturated colors. In good condition.
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Beautiful Ersari bag , perfect condition . Late 19 century , size 45/55 cm .
Images from the current exhibition of tribal bags, Portable Storage: Tribal Weavings from the Collection of William and Inger Ginsberg on display ... read more
Central-Asia Turkmenistan Tribal Silver Head-dress turkmen girls head-dressed at the wedding fine condition with cornalian fire gilded Circa-1900 - Size : 36cm ... read more
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Early Afshar rug deeply suturated colors rear design and very finely woven size 41x48
Book: Tomm, Arwed. Faszination Kelim. Gewebte Kunst aus Anatolien (translated: Fascination Kilim. Woven Art of Anatolia), 100 copies worldwide! An exhibition catalog on ... read more
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Anatolian Karapınar Kilim size.253x75cm
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Dramatic and boldly drawn early Anatolian kilim fragment. Professionally mounted on linen. Great color including true camel.
Lot 192, Kashan Mohtashem, starting bid € 4000, Auction October 14 5pm, https:// link
Lot 156, Karagashli sumakh, starting bid € 1400, Auction October 14 5pm, https:// link
Lot 145, Kagizman, starting bid € 3000, Auction October 14 5pm, https:// link
Antique Ersari Beshir Turkmen torba of classic design. Late 19th century. Size: 4ft 11in x 1ft 7in (150 x 48cm). link An excellent example of ... read more
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Antique Yomut Turkmen 9 gul chuval with excellent drawing and superb colour. 2nd half 19th century. Size: 4ft 2in x 2ft 8in (127 x ... read more
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Lot 74, Igdir main carpet, starting bid € 5000, Auction October 17 5pm, https:// link
Antique Yomut Turkmen 16 gul chuval with excellent drawing and superb colour. 2nd half 19th century. Size: 3ft 9in x 2ft 6in (115 x ... read more
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