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Tekke Turkmen Main Carpet, Central Asia, 19th c., 6'4" x 7'4" All natural dyes, good age, some wear (see detail image) $3800 (including domestic ... read more
exceptionally colored Qashqai kilim of the Kashkuli tribe, exceptional size 325 cm times 172 cm published in "The kilims of the collection Neiriz" ... read more
price:  POR
Early serab long rug with great natural dyes including purple Size 262 x 120 cm pre 1880 needs clean and ... read more
price:  £250
Western Anatolian Embroidered Hats
price:  On Request
Antique Baluch rug, 138x81cm, natural colours,carefully washed.
price:  € 250.-
Antique Türkmen Ersari Chuval Rug Size.168x92 Cm
price:  Por
Nice old Heriz carpet in excellent condition size 4.07 x 3.1 m Lovely colours with lots of green all seem natural. Pretty much ... read more
price:  Good
Chaukora Dupatta from the Deccan Region of South India.The Chaukora or the square veil has the charbagh pattern.Its size is 178cmX180cm.C.1900(DSC05063).
price:  On Request
Damascene Silk Sura Panel, late 19th Century. It is the Surat el Ikhlass (Loyalty) and reads: Kul huwa allahu ahad Allahu el ... read more
price:  POR
Chinese Antique Carp Scroll by Li Fang Yin Antique Chinese scroll painting of 5 large carp swimming in pond with lotus and other ... read more
price:  5500.00
Chinese Antique Carp Scroll by Li Fang Yin Antique Chinese scroll painting of 5 large carp swimming in pond with lotus and other ... read more
price:  2500.00
18th c. Anatolian Karaman rug fragment. Very high, full silky pile. Clean.
Exceptional 18th c. One piece Obruk kilim fragment. Almost complete. Professionally conserved and mounted on natural linen. One of the best!
fine old sarouk carpet 9 x 12 ft.
price:  $1100 .or bo
Farahan-Sarough, 'meaty'Jozan, 235 x 135 Cm Mid 20th century. In perfect condition. Original sides.
price:  € 550,00 plus shipping
Antique Kilim Senneh, 168 x 110, Price upon request
a Stunning and Fine Yomud Engsi, West Turkestan, Mid 19th century, 5'4" x 4'1". Exhibited in "Rugs from Private Collections in the ... read more
price:  P.O.R.
Flat Woven Runner, Syria, circa 1900, 2’10” x 9’3” a lovely runner from Syria in perfect condition with a saturated palette. The ... read more
Antique Türkmen Yamud Chuval Size.128x72 Cm
price:  Por
Antique Dagıstan Avar Rug Frangment size.170x80 cm. link
price:  por
Antique Zeyhur Sirvan Rug size.187x110cm. link
price:  por
Antique Karapınar Kilim Fragment size.93x90 cm. link
price:  por
Antique Turkmen Tekke Rug size.185x110cm. link
price:  por
Small Heriz bag face size 27x31cm
price:  Por
Large "Bird" Khamseh 305 x 210 cm. Beautiful kilim on both ends.
Macedonian Embroidered Panel 29 x 143 cm / 11.42 x 56.3 Inches
price:  On Request
Macedonian Embroidery ( probably a tray cover ) 70 cm / 27 inched in diameter.
price:  On Request
Look careful at this Asmalyk. It is a masterwork. Extremely colorful with outstanding colors, the spacing is brilliant and the movement within ... read more
Ersari / Beshir Chuval fragmented, 158 x 100 cm, left upper corner is replaced with another turkmen piece.
An extremely fine little rug or pushti with Herati pattern. The blue is to "dye" for, all with natural colours and is ... read more
price:  475 Euros
Beluchi Bag, 16 x 34
price:  $100
Belouchi Bag face, 29 x 30
price:  $100 or best offer
talismanic camel ground baluch , white abrash at botton and blue one at top. a rare piece...
Suzani Uzbek circa 1890 antique. Size: 287 x 187 (cm) 9' 5" x 6' 2" carpet id: A-1002 Silk embroidery on hand ... read more
price:  On request