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Beshir carpet 3,53 x 2,67 m , actually in Switzerland.
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Book. Gabbehs, Zagros mountain-nomads. Berlin, 1991. From a private, limited printing of 1000 copies. 70 specimen shown in outstanding photographs. Foreword by ... read more
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a half ghorgin Baluh bag, Circa 1880 63x70xm
The great age of this red-ground Kazak, with a classic Design with red wefts, and comparatively fine weave,Middle of the 19th Century ... read more
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Book. The Vok collection, caucasian and persian kilims. München 1996. Condition good, 107 specimen shown by outstanding photographs. This collection, no ... read more
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Antique Anatolian long kilim strip, possibly Aksaray, late 19th century. Very good condition.
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20th century Khotan rug 71 x 132 cm
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Turkish Karapınar shepherd Tulü size=240x100 cm
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Anatolian Konta karapınar Tulü size=165x105
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Circa 1900 Anatolian Tulü rug size=155x115
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Tribe/Origin Aydin Dimensions: Large 5'5 x 10'9 Age: late 19th c. Condition Excellent condition, but with repairs Paypal
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Baluch rug ca.1930, 120x215 cm
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Middle of the 19th Century Persian Rare North-West Colorful Rug Size 117 x 214 cm It has great colors and rare border.
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Kantha Quilted and embroidered cotton kantha Probably From East Bengal(Bangladesh) region, India.C.1900. Its size is 59cmX73cm. Very Good Condition(DSC06338).
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Antique Turkmen main carpet, 190x320 cm
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Colorful Antique Caucasian Shirvan or Shirvan-Kuba Prayer Rug from the late 19thC. Some wear with medium to full pile throughout. All natural ... read more
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Large Late 19th to Early 20th Century Coiled Copper Currency, Dogon People, Mali. Currency. 7" (17.7 cm) wide by 4.5" (11.3 cm) ... read more
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Meshkin, Prov. Ardebil, South Caucasus. Late 19th century. size 365 x 115 Cm. Headings and borders ok. Great natural colors.
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Fantastic patterned music for the eyes Spring Flowers antique Heriz Size about 330 x 240 centimeters uniformly low pile and all natural ... read more
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Upper Amudarya Lakai/Kungrat ceremonial tent band, wool embroidery on warp faced plain jajim weave. Saturated colors with great condition. Circa first half ... read more
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Cotton carpet in mint condition measuring 12 x 9 feet.
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Antique Caucasian Shirvan Kuba Rug All Colours Natural Circa 1880-90 Size.155x112 Cm
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Uzbek Purse/Bag, early 20th century, 5" x 8" (.13 x.20). good condition, silk and cotton, some fading and dye run, each side ... read more
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Afghan Purse/Bag, early 20th century, 6.5" x6.5" (.15 x .15), good condition, each side different, cotton, Russian cloth lining, plus shipping.
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An antique Turkmen rug with 190/115 cm. Good shape with spot worn places.
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Antique Yellow Lilihan. 2'x2'11''. Very good condition.
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Middle of the 19th Century Shirvan Kuba Rug It has great Blue field ground.In the light blue-ground main border, a pseudo kufi ... read more
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Old Yomud Juval with mostly plain elem but with a few ‘dots’.
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Baluch Prayer Rug, as found. Restorable.
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Early 19th Century Unusual Collectible Caucasian Small Rug It Has Small Unusual Size 63 x 108 cm. Untouched piece
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17th Century Ushak Fragment Size 30 x 108 cm
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Western Anatolia Aydinli Turkmen kilim fragment, Saturated colors, claned and frozen against moths. Size : 55" x 29" - 140 cm x ... read more
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Antique Chinese Bamboo Vest Bamboo Vests were used as undershirts under silk garments. They served the duel purpose of allowing some air circulation ... read more
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Antique Jaf Kurd bagface ca 1880 or before. Lovely soft old natural colours Small repair in field as good as they ... read more
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South caucasian karabagh .ca 1920.size.225×155 cm